What are the Ways to Keep Your Soaps Live Longer?


Soaps are highly sensitive beauty products that can be consumed very quickly like within days. It is due to their regular use in daily lives and dissolving nature with water that tends them to vanish in no time. For this purpose, you can adopt some advantageous ways to extend your soap’s lifecycle and keep them away from hydration. Because once you take them out from the Soap Boxes, their time interval gets started.

Moreover, it will help if you choose the right soap dishes and linen cloth for your sloppy soaps. They protect your soaps from inside humidity and wet atmosphere. In this way, you can let them live longer by following certain rules explained in this article.

 Rules to Ponder for Soap Life Extension

Beneath are some points if followed can lead you to prevent your soaps to die soon.

 Avoid from Wet Area

The wet area is the major reason for the abruptly decaying of soaps. Because soap molecules react faster with the molecules of water especially when the water is hot. The shower stream melts out the soaps, which eventually decay them immediately.

So, try to avoid wet places and do not put the soaps below the shower in order to secure them from direct water. Furthermore, make sure to ventilate your baths and keep the humidity out so that the air can regulate in the room.

 Handkerchief for Soaps

A cloth or a handkerchief can be helpful while having a shower. Because our skin consumes more soap and produces minimal leather which soap shrinks quickly. But, a handkerchief or a loofah will generate high leather and consume less soap. Moreover, it will also support cleaning your body more conveniently.

Therefore, many soap companies prefer to give free loofah with soapboxes to their customers. Doing this increases the life of soaps and retains more people to shop from them.

 Drainage of Soap Dishes Matter

Another way to give more life to your soaps is from their dishes. Today, we find numerous styles in soap dishes varying in colors, fashions, sizes, and shapes. In these ranges, try to find the one that contains drainable property. Because we cannot keep the water out of reaching soap completely.

If a soap dish does not drain water, soap will stay moist and it will take time for it in drying after every use. And, it does not matter how cool in appearance your soap dish is, if it does not drain the damp, it is useless. So, it is better if we drain our soaps immediately through the drainable soap dishes once we use them.

 Segments of Soaps

Soaps segmentation is a beneficial technique and a smart move to increase the life of your soap. You can take a soap cutter and cut down your soap into small parts. The division of a long soap bar into smaller pieces will provide you with many chunks of soap. You can use each cube at a time and save the remaining pieces in a box for future use. In this way, you will not save the soap from dying early but also save your money from buying soaps on an urgent basis.

 Put in Soap Boxes After Use

If you are not using your soap or you think that it may get wet all day in the bathroom, you can keep it in the custom boxes. Because these eco-friendly soap boxes are made up of cardboard material that is quite protective for the soaps. They keep the soap dry and retain its fragrance.

Moreover, they do not let the outer pollutants or germs hit the soap inside, thus giving more power and life to it. Also, these custom packaging boxes increase the performance of soaps more than usual and are highly preferable for soap packaging. And, these soapboxes are also available at OBT Packaging a top-notch packaging company.

 Soap-saving Pouch

Other than custom boxes, you can also store the soap chunks and pieces in a pouch with a tiny ribbon. You can opt for a pouch made from organic material like cotton, nylon, or fabric. Its ribbon will help you to hang in the bath while bathing. But, ensure to hang it a little away from or above the shower so that it does not get wet. Doing this will assist you to extend the life soap and keep it dry and moist-free.

 Dehydrate Your Entire Soap

Dehydration of soap is quite essential if you are looking to enhance its lifecycle. However, soap has a nature to stay moist and watery, yet you can try your best to keep the moisture out.

To do this, you have to gather 4 to 6 rubber bands. Then after, you can take a bit deep soap dish, usually stainless steel or plastic. Now, extend the rubber bands and shape them on a dish in a web or a grid format. Finally, put your wet soap on the bed of stretched rubber bands and make sure that the atmosphere is completely dry. You will see a prominent change in the lifecycle of your soap.

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