Traveling Alone in the Best Countries

alone travelling
alone travelling


The Best Countries for Solo Travel

With a rising number of people being vaccinated against COVID-19 around the world, excitement is growing about the possibility of acquiring “vaccine passports,” fleeing lockdowns, and taking a break. Some people are already looking for countries where COVID-19 cases have not been reported.

While vacations are often associated with family and friends crammed into cars, more people are opting for solo trips throughout the world. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, is recommending Americans to be cautious about non-essential travel, despite the fact that fully vaccinated individuals can travel at minimal risk.

The list of the Best Countries to Travel Alone is based on scores from a collection of seven country attributes: culturally accessible, enjoyable, friendly, nice climate, safe, scenic, and unapproachable.

The top five countries are listed below.


According to the World Tourism Organization, Australia welcomed 9.4 million overseas tourists in 2019.

While traveling to Australia takes time, solo travelers are rewarded with a diverse range of rich cultural options, like the Sydney Opera House, wine country near Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and the Outback’s dramatic landscapes.

New Zealand 

New Zealand entices solo travelers seeking adventure with activities such as bungee jumping, white-water rafting, “Lord of the Rings” tourism, and other activities. According to the World Tourism Organization, the country received roughly 3.7 million international tourists in 2019. Visitors can explore Auckland, sometimes known as the “City of Sails,” or Queenstown, which is famed for its outdoor activities.

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Solo travelers will find it easier to go to Greece now that new flights have been added from the United States and Europe.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the country welcomed roughly 31 million overseas visitors in 2019, despite its massive public debt. For those interested in historic architecture, sun-drenched islands, and Mediterranean food, Greece is an excellent choice.


According to the World Tourism Organization, Italy was the fifth most popular tourist destination in 2019, with 65 million international tourists. There is so much history, architecture, and gastronomy to discover in Italy. Travelers can, for example, visit Florence for traditional Tuscan cuisine or take a water taxi journey through Venice, among many other possibilities.


Do you want to witness the bulls run but can’t persuade your pals that the thrill is worth the risk? It might be time to bite the bullet and purchase a one-way ticket.

Many people believe that Spain is a good destination for single travelers. According to the World Tourism Organization, the country was the second-most popular tourist destination in 2019, with 84 million worldwide visitors. There’s plenty to see and do in Spain, including visiting Seville, a city with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim influences, or strolling through Barcelona’s tree-lined Las Ramblas.

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