Top Ten Luxury Home in USA in 2022

Luxury Home 2022

The best of the best luxury home in the United States. Each house on this list was nominated by over 400 potential purchasers and buyers in a competitive real estate market in the USA. To find out more details, visit these websites or go to your favorite local Realtor® who’s listing these homes for sale because they have them for their clients in multiple locations.


1. Beverly Hills – Lot 12: Luxury Home

Beverly Hills is one of the most famous picturesque neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Set against the coastline and surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, it is surrounded by incredible natural scenery as well. It is a prime location to experience the city’s rich cultural heritage. And with its proximity to LA and San Francisco, it is an ideal place to live if you are looking to get away from Los Angeles. This beautiful property sold for $3.09 million. See the latest information about the Beverly Hills properties at the Beverly Hills Realtors website.

2. Cinque Terre – Lot 16: Luxury Home

Cinque Terre is located within walking distance to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park in Southern California. There are scenic views along the way with some of the world’s largest glaciers. On top of that mountain, the area has breathtaking redwoods, which capture the full fall colors, while the towering sequoias hide among the trees. This stunning piece of land has been available for over half a century. The property sold for $1.45 million on December 3rd. As of October 31st, the property was listed for $974,000. See the newest information about the properties at the Real Estate Board of Directors site.

3. Grand Reserve Mountain – Lot 9: Luxury Home

Located near Orlando, Florida, this one-and-a-half acre parcel of land sits at approximately 8.2 miles long and roughly 4.5 miles wide. It is located on a flat rocky hillside overlooking a lake and the sandy golf course. The main features include a heated swimming pool, outdoor fireplace, state-of-the-art kitchenette, fireplace, elevator, walkway, two-car garage, two-car detached garages, and three bedrooms. Due to the nature of the parcel, no floor plans were submitted and no plans were developed. It was offered for sale from January 27th until May 31st for $844,000. See the new information and the updated data about the properties at the real estate board of directors site.

4. North Point Ranch – Lot 7: Luxury Home

This charming ranch property sits on almost six acres. With panoramic views out over nearby cities, lakes, mountains, and beaches, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation and privacy. Located on 1,200 acres of equestrian grazing land, it is surrounded by large grazing ranches, which offer high levels of protection from wild animals. If you are looking for a safe and peaceful environment for your horses, then this is a perfect spot to call home. There is also a stable house that can be rented for up to $125 per week, which for around four years would cover all the activities required for riding in the outdoors including horseback riding. A full listing of the ranch properties can be found on the South Central region of the websites at this link.

5. Stelzer Lodge – Lot 18: Luxury Home

Stelzer Lodge, located in Lincoln City, New Mexico, is a classic example of Western lifestyle living. Offered by Las Vegas Sands, this old and historic ranch house dates to before the turn of the twentieth century and took approximately five hundred years to complete. It is located on 2,300 square feet of land. It is built into a canyon and surrounded by 5,000 trees, making for a beautiful setting for anyone seeking refuge from the outside. When one goes inside the property you will find modern living spaces, a gymnasium with fitness center, family room, formal dining room, office, wine cellar, billiards room, library, and many other apartments. Due to the nature of the property nothing inside has been altered while it has remained vacant for nearly a decade. After the current owners purchased the properties it was listed for $1,850,000. Visit both the original properties or see listings about the newer properties at this link.

6. Sunnyside Woods in Philadelphia – Lot 33

Sunnyside Woods is located in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is surrounded by several hillsides and wooded areas. Most of the property is flat on either side and it offers an interesting mix of residential, retail, industrial, and office space. At the heart of the property is a 300-year-old landmark church and cemetery. Originally built in the 1740s, it was later transformed into an elegant park with lawns, stone seating and pavilions, a playground, tennis court, water fountain, fountain benches, a small garden, and picnic tables. Inside, there is an old schoolhouse with cemeteries, a chapel (with stained glass windows), a gift shop, offices/dining rooms, bar, reception room, wine cellar, billiards room, and many more, plus a kitchenette where the chefs cook lunch on Tuesday mornings. Along the way, there’s a cafe, coffeehouse, pharmacy, and fire station for use as well. No floor plans were submitted and no plans were developed and the property was listed for sale in 2018 for $4.09 million. See the latest information on the properties at this site.

7. Westchester Manor – Lot 30: Luxury Home

Westchester Manor is located in Pottawatomie County. It is comprised of nearly 6,000 net acres on the border between southern New Jersey and northern Delaware. It is the oldest building in the town and contains 19th-century colonial-style housing. The property consists of a single-story main house as well as 12 units in 13 subdivisions. All the units are attached to a private, gated community surrounded by woods. An eight-bedroom house is also included. Due to the nature of the property, any floor plan has not yet been submitted. Its sale price is $2.95 million, meaning it has an estimated value of less than $12.99 million. Click here for the latest updates.

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8. Willow Grove Apartments – Lot 34

Willow Grove Apartments is located just below East Forest Avenue. The property is comprised of three parcels of land. They are joined together to form a larger property with a total plot size of nearly ten acres. The main focus is the massive complex. You should first check out the property before buying. This is an incredible opportunity for someone with a desire for living in the countryside. It’s located at 888 N.Main Street in Columbia Township, PA. Purchase the property for $3,500,000. View detailed information about it on the website.

9. Townhomes at Valley Forge – LOT 61

The Townhomes at Valley Forge is the only privately owned apartment development structure in Philadelphia. Other property developments in the area have been unable to attract tenants due to high rental rates. Because of restrictions surrounding zoning regulations, developers like TPAO cannot build apartments in such areas. Unlike traditional apartment buildings, Townhomes at Valley Forge do not have gates and cannot be constructed without permits and approval. It is located at 1177 Washington Boulevard and is described as “A spectacular opportunity to escape Philadelphia to live, work and play in the suburbs.” Buyers can purchase the Townhomes at Valley Forge for $1,200,000 and receive tax benefits through 40% of sales taxes. There are nine Townhomes throughout the city and three additional ones at 5600 Broadway.  They are selling under different requirements. For example, the higher-level floor plans generally get 90 days.

10. Meadowbrook Place – NUM 6

Meadowlark Place is the ultimate luxury apartment living space. The property sits on a waterfront in Montclair, NJ. Designed in 2009, it includes 32 living Apartments, 22 kitchens, 26 baths, and 15 terraces. Set across 514 acres of land, the sprawling property takes in nearly twenty-five acres of open space and boasts views. The floor plan is designed to allow homeowners flexibility with a number of layouts. The most expensive unit is Number 5. It is located at 3165 W. Doylestown Road. This four-bedroom residence is valued at $3.6 million. Get more information about the property at this link.

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