As the world becomes more familiar with technology, businesses are realizing the need to modernize. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and SMS the most common mode of communication. The typical individual opens a text message in three minutes, and the majority of customers prefer text messaging to communicate with businesses. As a result, companies should start adapting their marketing tactics to fit the needs of today’s demography.

Businesses are recognizing the need to modernize as the world gets more comfortable with technology. Everyone nowadays has a smartphone, and texting is the most popular way of communication. The average person opens a text message in three minutes, and the majority of customers prefer to engage with businesses via text messaging. As a result, businesses should begin tailoring their marketing strategies to meet the needs of today’s demographic.


1. Podium: Top Messaging Software for Local Business

Podium offers a number of marketing packages aimed at reaching out to customers via text messaging. They’ve worked with over 100,000 businesses and have received nothing but positive feedback. Podium tracks and analyzes customer interaction data to help you decide the most effective message campaign for your business, as well as support you in building the most effective overall marketing strategies.

Customers usually find businesses approaching them directly without their permission irritating and even unethical. As a result, businesses must make it a point to encourage customers to sign up for text message sign-up lists that alert them to special offers, discounts, or specials. Podium wants to write unique messages that tempt people to sign up for companies’ mailing lists, resulting in stronger customer relationships and organizations that are more responsive to their customers’ requirements.

2. Bitrix24: 

Bitrix24’s free edition offers a variety of services to organizations, including basic email marketing methods. While we prefer Bitrix24’s commercial edition, which costs $99 per month, the free version offers a lot to offer when compared to other free SMS marketing tools.

Bitrix24 should be used as a first marketing company for small enterprises and startups with limited marketing budgets, especially if they also wish to learn the ropes of customer relationship management and lead management.

3. Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is a company that provides services to businesses of all kinds. Email marketing automation from Constant Contact gives small businesses the tools they need to manage their email marketing. They can help businesses come up with the perfect welcome email or set up a timetable for sending out well-crafted automated emails.

It’s vital to build your brand as a new company, and email marketing makes it simple to contact large groups of potential clients. The problem with this method is that it may be tough to present yourself as a respectable little business that offers legitimate services. Constant Contact can assist you in finding the right method for walking the email marketing tightrope.

4. TextMagic: 

TextMagic is a company that focuses on helping businesses create their brands using text messaging. Most clients, as previously indicated, prefer to communicate with their businesses via SMS, and with good reason. Texting is more convenient than calling a company because it can be done from anywhere and is less formal and to the point. Furthermore, many clients believe that texting business help is faster than sending an automated email, which TextMagic attempts to meet.

TextMagic helps companies effectively integrate text messaging into their day-to-day operations. That involves implementing texts into your company’s process, utilizing messaging systems to keep employees informed and connected, and, most importantly, utilizing SMS software platforms to communicate with customers. TextMagic can help your company decide when to send scheduled messages, automated messages, alerts, updates, and warnings.

5. Attentive:

While we’ve chosen a few organizations that work with small businesses, Attentive is our top option for small businesses and startups. If your company is just starting started, working with a well-established marketing firm to help you figure out what your brand is and what you’re attempting to communicate as a company is a fantastic option.

Attentive drew our notice with its approach to personalized SMS messages that make each customer feel special and valued. In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd, but how can you do that when your company’s name is listed alongside a hundred others offering SMS marketing services? Attentive lives up to its name by attempting to prompt action and stimulate communication by experimenting with novel ways to connect with clients via text.

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