The Top 10 Best Tech Gifts in 2022

tech 2022
tech 2022

In an ocean of tech, getting the right tech gifts in 2022 is harder than ever. With our handpicked list, you can find an awesome and practical gadget for your favorite gearhead.

Our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. With the rise of streaming at home, Zooming and Slacking at work, smart houses, and even video doorbells, cutting-edge technology pervades every aspect of our lives. And there are no indicators that things will calm down anytime soon.

Because there is so much technology in so many places, it can be difficult to tell which pieces of equipment are good and which are harmful, partly owing to the sheer number of possibilities available. Buying the ideal electronics gift can frequently entail wading through pages of items and user reviews, which most of us just do not have time for. Here at Pop Mech, we want to keep things simple.

We take satisfaction in locating, testing, and suggesting the best equipment for those who don’t have the time to do it themselves. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gadgets to help you find the perfect present.


1. Smart Bulbs by Philips Hue

Philips’ Hue bulb series is one of the most popular smart bulb series for a reason. Its long-lasting LED technology allows it to modify its color and tint to millions of different settings. You can set these bulbs with routines like wake-up and sleep to mimic the sun’s natural cycle, and you can control them using the Hue app, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

2. Tile Mate is a program that allows you to create

There’s nothing more frustrating than misplacing your keys. Alternatively, your wallet. Alternatively, a backpack. You get the idea: losing things is a pain. You can simply locate all of your things using Tile’s basic Tile Mate tracker.

The compact size fits easily into pockets, wallets, and purses, and the built-in corner punch hole loops easily. Then, if you misplace something, the 250-foot tracking range and extremely loud siren make finding it straightforward and painless.

3. Wool Runner Mizzles

All bird is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. We wouldn’t often include sneakers on a tech list, but Allbird’s Runner Mizzles had so many unique features that we had to include them. They’re machine washable, have a bio-based water-repellent covering, and are manufactured from recyclable materials. On top of that, they’re quite comfortable.

4. BESTEK AC Adapter

Bestek’s eight-outlet power strip, which we featured in our top power strips list, is ideal for home offices because of its large eight outlets and essential four USB connections.

Aside from a simple on-off switch, the BESTEK has enough power and surge protection, so you can plug in all your home office equipment without worry.

5. PowerPort PD 2 by Anker

It’s a major pain to figure out which chargers to bring on a trip. That’s one of the reasons we like Anker’s PowerPort PD 2: it makes packing a breeze. With up to 20 watts of USB-A and USB-C charging, you can put your power bricks away and just bring this one. Its tiny size and foldable plug make it ideal for charging on the go. It’s a high-end charger for all types of mobile devices.

6. K2 Keyboard by Keychain

The Keychain K2 is a marvel, especially when compared to typing on tiny, cramped laptop keyboards. Its small size and wireless networking options are familiar, but its high-quality mechanical switches and keycaps provide a far superior typing experience than any other laptop.

Anyone who works on a laptop for a living will enjoy the increased productivity and ergonomics that the Keychron K2 provides.

7. Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Anker

Anker’s Soundcore speaker is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers available, as we mentioned in our top Bluetooth speaker’s list.

It’s perfect for road trips, barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor activities because of its tiny size, IPX5 water resistance, robust housing, simple controls, and USB charging. That’s not to mention its reasonable pricing and excellent sound.

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8. Mini 2 by DJI

In under a decade, drones have gone from a high-end military tool to a common consumer commodity, owing in large part to DJI. DJI’s Mini 2 is one of the greatest starter options available for those interested in getting into the hobby.

The Mini 2 offers great video and photo quality as well as steady communication owing to DJI’s Ocusync. It’s also affordable, portable, and easy to train with DJI’s dedicated controller.

9. PowerCore Essential 20,000PD by Anker

Nothing is more frustrating for frequent travelers and commuters than a dead outlet. Thankfully, a high-quality power bank, such as Anker’s PowerCore Essential, overcomes this problem by providing mobile power to all of your small devices via USB-A and USB-C ports. This power bank can charge cellphones and headphones numerous times, allowing you to travel without using an outlet.

10. Wireless Qi Charger by Yootech

When you can rest your gadgets on a wireless charging pad, there’s no need to plug them in. Now is a fantastic moment to jump on board with Yootech’s wireless Qi charger, as more and more mobile technology integrates wireless charging.

This is a wonderful wireless charger for anyone trying out the technology for the first time, thanks to its simple design and wide range of compatibility. Just keep in mind that it does not include a power adapter.

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