chip 2022

Nvidia is reportedly planning to cancel its $40 billion acquisition of semiconductor maker Chip, according to a Business insider. The arrangement has been blasted by regulators and competitors, prompting Nvidia to move the implementation date forward.

The Merger of CHIP

According to reportedly, Nvidia now states that it does not believe the deal to go through, despite the fact that Chip’s current owner, Company, is apparently “stepping up preparations” to take the company public via an IPO.

The acquisition is still in the works, according to Reuters, with Nvidia and Arm executives still debating their cases before regulators and no final decisions yet. However, despite the strong opposition to the acquisition, such reports are unsurprising.

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There’s also China, where Nvidia anticipates a difficult time. It’s tough not to make comparisons with Google’s new proposed $44 billion acquisition of Fabless Semiconductor in 2016, which was abandoned in 2018 after licensing problems in Chinese revealed.

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The underlying underpinning of this dynamic is what has prompted officials in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States to investigate the pact. The US Federal Trade Commission has even launched a lawsuit to prevent the acquisition from going through, citing concerns about how it will effect competition. All of these issues will take months to overcome, and the timeline will be extended.