The History of Business Surveillance Camera Systems

The History of Business Surveillance Camera Systems

The History of Business Surveillance Cameras goes back a long way. Before the advent of digital video recording, companies had to use covert systems to monitor employees, vendors, and internal theft cases. These systems required expensive “pinhole” lenses, and wiring the devices to be hidden above ceiling tiles or inside boxes was a painstaking process. Loss prevention professionals spent many long nights threading the cable through dingy ceilings to get them where they needed to be.


Face recognition cameras

Facial recognition camera systems are a hot topic in the news these days. They are used for a variety of purposes including surveillance and crime prevention. But their use poses serious privacy concerns, especially for historically marginalized communities. Last year, the New York Times reported the cases of Nijeer Parks, Robert Williams, and Michael Oliver, who were wrongfully arrested for trespassing on the sidewalk.

A facial recognition camera detects a human face in an image by drawing boxes around it and autofocusing. This process is not nefarious. It only focuses on identifying a person’s face, not the person behind it. That said, face recognition cameras can be incredibly useful for business purposes. Here are some examples:

Digital video recording

Compared to analog security cameras, digital video recording in business surveillance camera systems is much more cost-effective. In addition to using fewer wires and physical infrastructure, digital cameras have a wider field of view. They also require fewer cameras to cover the same area. Also, because digital feeds are compressed, they take up less space. These advantages have made digital video surveillance more attractive to commercial businesses. But why should you switch to a digital system?

The primary benefit of digital video recording in business surveillance camera systems is that they provide clearer images. With the added clarity, businesses can pursue criminal charges against suspects and law enforcement can view quality images. In addition to being more effective, business owners will save money on installation costs, as they do not need to install as much infrastructure as with analog systems. However, choosing to install digital video recording in your business surveillance camera systems requires a little more work than the older analog systems.

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Storage media: Surveillance Cameras

There are several benefits to using local storage, which allows video recordings to be stored on-premise. While this has its disadvantages in terms of access and sharing of footage, it also eliminates logistical issues. Local storage also offers ease of use and connectivity. In addition, local storage is less expensive than cloud storage. However, it has the disadvantage of being inaccessible and potentially susceptible to data loss. For this reason, local storage isn’t a good choice for every application.

Storage has evolved significantly since the days of VHS tapes. While many older surveillance systems still rely on local storage, modern systems use a combination of onsite system recorders and cloud-based video storage. Modern providers use HD-resolution, high-capacity hard drives to store video footage. Some even offer a hybrid cloud solution to combine the benefits of both approaches. However, the most important benefit of cloud storage is that it can hold more data than traditional storage.


A good installation company will offer a security risk assessment to assess your current security design and identify gaps in security. This can include a physical security assessment of your space, as well as network security. The right installation company will also provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure your cameras remain functioning properly. For more information, contact a local surveillance camera installation company. This way, you know exactly what kind of services you are getting. Here are a few of the benefits of a business surveillance camera system.

A good surveillance camera system can prevent crime and keep your inventory in order. These systems are especially useful in areas with a high volume of traffic, such as employee lounges. They can also help you detect unauthorized activity, including theft and harassment. By installing these camera systems, you can avoid upsetting your employees, while still maintaining the integrity of your business. Moreover, you will be able to review the footage recorded by the cameras when necessary, so that if anything happens, you can quickly investigate it.


You can definitely find a lot of options to look into for business surveillance camera systems – now!