The Basics of Assisted Living

The Basics of Assisted Living

Assisted living provides care and housing for seniors. Although some seniors are active and can perform some activities, they need mental or physical support. Others require specialized care, healthy meals, and social interaction.


Signs Your Loved Ones Need Assisted Care

Poor Nutrition/Hygiene

Most seniors living at home usually face issues with nutrition due to depression, reduced sense of smell and taste, or disliking eating alone. If your seniors have deteriorating health and poor hygiene, they need assisted living care. In addition, sick seniors should be supervised to take medicine and attend checkups.


Seniors experience loneliness after losing a spouse or a lack of companionship. The feeling of isolation can lead to mental problems, stress, or depression. In Sarasota assisted living, caregivers and residents provide social connections for lonely seniors. Assisted facilities have fun games and other social activities.

Memory Problems

It is common to find seniors with memory problems. However, the condition can raise safety concerns even in the early stages. If your loved ones keep misplacing things or forgetting important things, it’s time to seek help. In assisted facilities, a professional will check the problem and provide a solution.

Considerations before Choosing an Assisted Living Facility


It’s best to consider the cost of an assisted living facility, which depends on various factors. Assisted facilities are usually paid through personal resources or Medicaid. Residents can also use insurance to cover assisted living.


Some seniors require help with activities such as dressing or bathing. While assisted facilities provide housekeeping and dining services, some seniors may require specialized care if they have disabilities, dementia, or dietary services.


The location of an assisted facility depends on personal choices. Some seniors want to live near their families and friends. In some cases, families prefer facilities near hospitals or doctor’s offices. Does a senior like urban or rural settings?

Assisted living is designed for seniors who require personal care. If your senior cannot feed, clothe or wash, they need assisted care. However, when choosing a facility, consider the location, services, and cost.

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