The Affordable Housing Project Haryana Government

The Affordable Housing Project Haryana Government

Affordable Housing Project is a Haryana Government-approved project under the affordable housing Gurgaon. Golf Course Extension Road is the location of this project. This initiative will provide people with 3BHK homes under 45 Lakhs.

The developer has one purpose. This project is built to bring comfort to your doorsteps.

You will find several new projects in Gurgaon. Many real estate companies plan to bring their projects under the Haryana Government for affordable housing. And with the excellent amenities that they offer, these houses are nothing less than all the high-priced projects across Gurgaon.

The Affordable Housing Project, Gurgaon, Haryana

The Affordable Housing Project is a good way for the Haryana Government to provide easy and improved standards of living for EWS. The Affordable Housing Project provides comfort to its people. With different facilities that it offers.

Affordable Housing Project – What facilities will you find here?

Haryana Government has created this project. It is created to portray an affordable and simple lifestyle. This project is the real definition of a simple lifestyle for EWS (economically weaker sections).

Before buying the house, you would want to know the facilities. Mentioned here are some of them provided by The Affordable Housing Projects:

  • Zero maintenance for the first five years
  • Swimming pool for people
  • 3 BHK apartments
  • personal space
  • solar panels
  • Basement parking areas.
  • good ventilation in the apartments
  • Independent parking for every resident of the society.
  • High entrance lobbies with mailboxes and waiting regions in every tower.
  • Sit outs for senior citizens.

These are several functions that you would be able to find in the Affordable Housing Project. Everything defines a good and simple life and is designed to serve people with the right way of living.

The Affordable Housing Project – different amenities for the people

As you read the features above, let us dive deeper into the same. The Affordable Housing Project serves extremely good facilities to its people. Comfort and convenience are the 2 most crucial aspects of the Affordable Housing Project.

As a result, the services delivered to the people residing there, will make them feel comfortable, homely, and entertain them as well.

Check out some of the features mentioned here about this housing project –

  • Good workout space available in society.
  • There is also a basketball court which is open for all.
  • This is a gated society. It follows a 24×7 protection service.
  • The complete premises is under CCTV surveillance as well.
  • Every resident has private parking. If you are willing to buy extra space for your car, you can make the required payments and get the slot.
  • Last, but now not least, you will find a lot of greenery around. There are beautiful gardens and sitting regions for anybody, especially the senior citizens.

These are just a few of the facilities available at the Affordable Housing Projects. Many extra services can make one feel homely and provide comfortable vibes. The Affordable Housing Projects has the best aim. They want to make you feel relaxed by supplying all of the luxuries on your doorsteps.


After reading all the facilities offered by them, it is sure to say that The Affordable Housing Projects is the right project for you.

Everyone wants to live a good life in their dream homes. There are times when a person cannot buy lavish homes due to their sky-touching prices. Therefore, under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Yojana, the economically weaker sections get an opportunity to stay in their dream homes. Affordable Housing Projects provides houses under 45 Lakhs with all the facilities and 3BHK apartments.

And the answer to a comfortable and well-lived life is the Affordable Housing Projects. These towers will make your stay a relaxing and easy life that you constantly dreamt of. Located on the Gold Course Extension road, those towers will deliver your dream homes to you.

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