The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


When we begin an all-new year, and everyone returns to work, we’ve been trying to find ways to make the most of those commute hours again. We created a list of the most popular blogs on digital marketing that we believe are interesting, informative, and vital for the marketing community.

A little reading to make the train pass by. Also, take the time to look over some (or the entire list) of these blogs and check whether any of your favorite blogs were included on the list.


1. The Moz Blog.

Moz blog is certainly one of the top blogs to read if you’re trying to stay updated with news from the SEO industry or inbound marketing efforts. Every good digital marketer knows the significance of SEO and how constantly changing the guidelines, rules, and regulations accompany search results. This Moz blog will cover all that you should know, with enough information to be able to comprehend without being overwhelming.

Even if you’re just a novice to SEO, their articles are easy to digest. Each post is valuable, providing useful information or “how-to” articles related to SEO. Each Friday they publish every Friday, they publish a “Whiteboard Friday” video as part of a series that is regularly posted that explores various areas under the SEO broad umbrella.

Suppose it’s the analysis and interpretation of an announcement made by Google about an algorithm change or a tutorial for keywords, or a guide to keyword planning. In that case, the MOZ blog is a recommended resource for marketers or business owners who want to expand their understanding of SEO and understand how they can incorporate SEO in their overall marketing strategy (if they haven’t already done so).

2. Content Marketing Institute:

Content is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Content Marketing Institute: The Content Marketing Institute offers some of the most effective advice on how content can benefit your company’s image. From trends in the industry to the best practices, their blogs provide useful advice on developing the most effective strategies for your business and how content marketing can be a part of your “bigger picture.

One of their primary goals is to provide marketing education, and they have a variety of research and events and access to many documents, including whitepapers and eBooks. Every successful content marketing strategy is likely to have relied on the know-how shared by the Content Marketing Institute, whether they are aware of it or it is!

3. Marketing Land:

Marketing Land offers a wealth of high-quality information on various topics and industry news. From changes to CMS systems to the latest features available on social networks like Picuki Instagram, Twitter, and others, they ensure that their content is insightful and informative.

Recent posts focused on some of their posts on the CES Tech event in Las Vegas by presenting panels and blogs on various topics discussed during the entire event. The live blog let those who might not have been able to attend the event be informed and be a part of the discussion, even if they were not there. Their blog allows you to engage with industry experts and provide their followers with engaging content and informative.

4. Consultancy blog:

The information shared on the consultancy blog covers all aspects of digital marketing and can even be applied to particular niche industries. The tools they provide give practical tips for companies to promote themselves online using a method that adheres to the best practices and incorporates cutting-edge techniques.

When it comes to the latest and greatest innovations in the most recent and innovative developments in online marketing, consultancy offers the best. If you’re B2B or B2C or are in healthcare or fashion, consultancy offers advice for marketing that almost any company could apply to their strategy to reach their individual goals.

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5. Kiss metrics: Digital Marketing Blogs

The Kiss metrics blog provides data and insights from testing on all the information you could ever require for marketing. The data-driven marketing approach is their forte. kiss metrics’ team kiss metrics constantly analyzes trends in statistics to produce reports that help better understand the performance of a brand’s online presence.

These articles help create solutions for businesses looking to enhance their online marketing. many of their findings will influence the choices made by various businesses as they attempt to meet their goals in marketing.

Perhaps the most valuable thing of their analysis and their main difference against blogs that seem identical is that almost every one of their ideas is supported by the same data that backs up and provides reasons for the information they offer.

6. Convince and Convert:

Convince & Convert has a wide range of sources, including a website blog, podcast eBooks, and books. These are digital-marketing experts with the direction of Jay Baer, and it is the ideal place to find out more about online advertising. Each of their articles is short and easy, straight to the point of what they’re discussing, and relevant and insightful.

The articles will provide you with a fresh perspective on your content in a fresh way and look outside the box regarding the opportunities you can use to incorporate your strategy for digital marketing. Their content can help improve your content.

7. Social fresh.

What’s great about the social fresh blog posts is that they often contain alternative media within the posts. A majority of the podcasts cover the subject of the blog article is contained within, but other posts include videos, presentations, or speeches on different occasions.

This is a fantastic blog for people who do not have the time to spend hours reading multiple posts at a time. This gives an array of options to read the information the blog provides. It’s a natural choice to incorporate some digital media within blogs that focus on the digital aspect of marketing.

It is an excellent alternative to digest the presented content. The various topics covered are focused heavily on the importance of social media and how the field is changing.

8. PR Daily News: Digital Marketing Blogs

PR Daily News includes news from the industry and other stories of note that are happening across the globe the day. It provides all the data you need to stay up to date with issues in one newsfeed instead of switching to various outlets to learn about recent news stories from different sectors.

It concentrates on the conversations in PR and communication and topics, spotlighting trends, tools, and methods to help enhance your knowledge and make your job more efficient. It is a good mixture of articles on content marketing and technical information. This blend creates a simple and enjoyable blog to browse through a range of topics in one go and without becoming repetitive.

9. PSFK: Digital Marketing Blogs

This fantastic blog is a step ahead of the competition. They have lots of high-quality information, from tech and gadget coverage to insight into marketing campaigns and research. Apart from their attractive design, these blogs ask questions and discuss informative and appealing topics to those who are curious.

They offer interesting tech-related articles and some forecasts for the industry’s future as they stay at the forefront of their field. There’s a blog section with various free trend reports on” how to stay ahead of …” various diverse topics related to the industry.

10. Blue Fountain Media – The ROI Factor Blog:

We should include our ROI Factor Blog. We are proud of our work and are enthusiastic about discussing various topics that define the field that we work in. Our blog on digital marketing stimulates various discussions on everything from the latest trends in digital to innovation in marketing and the top practices.

We can balance the importance between the significance of technical and result-driven marketing and imaginative campaigns. We strive to bring everything together with our bi-weekly updates. From design, strategy marketing, and strategy to mobile and website development, you’ll find everything here in BFM.

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