Overview of the Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

Are you seeking a destination where you can spend a weekend in the midst of nature’s unfathomable beauty while also participating in some entertaining and interesting activities? Look no further. If this is the case, Rajmachi Fort should be on your list of places to visit on your next vacation.

Located in the lush green Sahyadri range, this ancient fort dates back to the period of the famous Maratha emperor Chatrapati Shivaji and is one of the most popular trekking sites in Maharashtra, where you may see nature in all of her moods.

The walking path to Rajmachi Fort is dotted with waterfalls, steep gorges and valleys, picturesque towns, canals, and a plethora of other natural wonders to take your breath away. You should be familiar with the area and the advantages and disadvantages of the Rajmachi Fort hike before embarking on this incredible journey.

Rajmachi Fort has a number of noteworthy features.

To reach Rajmachi Fort, one must trek.

This unique travel experience takes you through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled routes in Maharashtra, including Rajmachi fort trekking. There are two routes to reach the ancient fort, which is in the Karjat region and surrounded by the Sahyadris. The first route takes you through the Kondivade village, which is a less-traveled route; the second route, which is the most accessible, takes you through Lonavala, which provides you with wonderful sightseeing opportunities on the way. From the top of the old Rajmachi Fort, which goes back to the 17th century, you can get a bird’s eye view of Borghat and its environs.

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Instructions on How to Get to Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is positioned in the midst of the Mumbai-Pune highway and is well-connected to the rest of India’s main cities via road and rail networks. A list of the most accessible ways to Rajmachi Fort is given below so that you may plan your walk before you begin.

Taking the Train: Taking the train is the most convenient way to go about (From Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala)

If you are traveling from Mumbai, you may take a local train to Pune and get off at Karjat. To go to Kondana village from the Shree Ram Bridge in Karjat, take a shared car to the village. It serves as the starting point for the Rajmachi hike, from which you must walk for around 3-4 hours to reach the peak.

Another convenient option is to board the Udayan Express at 8.10 a.m. from Dadar station, which will arrive in Lonavala at around 9.30 a.m. To go to Tungarli Dam, which is around 4 kilometers away from Lonavala station, rickshaws are available. The remaining 16 kilometers (kilometers) from Tungarli to Udhewadi base village must be traversed on foot.

Using the bus (or driving or riding a bicycle) (From Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala)

From Mumbai, there are two options for getting to Rajmachi via road. From Mumbai, you may drive up to the Kondhane side and then hike for three to four hours to reach Rajmachi, which is a greater distance.

The alternate approach is from Pune/Lonavala, where you must drive to the Udhewadi base village and then hike for 30-40 minutes over a lesser distance to reach the summit. Both roads are a little bumpy, and the Pune route is particularly risky during the rainy season.

Using the Air: (From Mumbai, Pune)

There is a frequent airline connection between Rajmachi and the main cities of India and overseas from Mumbai International Airport, which is the closest airport to the township. From the airport, you may take a train or a bus to Lonavala or Karjat, depending on your preference. The Pune International Airport, which is located 173 kilometers away from Rajmachi and offers frequent flights to major cities in India and internationally, is another option for travelers.

The Best Time to Visit Rajmachi Fort is between November and March.

The greatest time to visit Rajmachi Fort is between the months of June and September when the monsoon season is in full swing and the whole area is bathed in a mystical aura as a result of the constant drizzle.

Summer season: From March through May, the temperature swings from 21 to 35 degrees Celsius, making it the most pleasant time of year.

Monsoon Season: The monsoon season begins in Rajmachi in June and lasts till September. There are temperatures ranging from 24 to 29 degrees Celsius, and the whole area is covered with lush flora.

Winter season: Rajmachi’s winters are pleasant, and since it is a dry season, it is easy to wander along the woodland paths in the area. When the outside temperature drops to 17 degrees Celsius, winter is also the best time to go camping and stargazing in the great outdoors.

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