Opera has released a crypto browser in 2022.


Opera has released a beta version of its Web3 “Crypto Browser,” which has a built-in crypto wallet, easy access to cryptocurrency/NFT exchanges, decentralized app (dApp) functionality, and more. According to Opera EVP Jorgen Arnesen, the goal is to “lower the complexity of the Web3 user experience that could be overwhelming for normal users.”


In addition, Opera’s Crypto Browser announced a partnership with Polygon and others. The idea is to allow you to access your bitcoin without the need for any add-ons, while still letting you to use third-party wallets if you want to. You may use fiat to acquire cryptocurrencies at the crypto on-ramp, trade them directly in the wallet, send and receive them, and check your balance. It also has a secure clipboard that prevents data from being stolen by other apps when you copy/paste.

Web3 will be supported by the Opera crypto browser.

Web3, a blockchain-based decentralized internet that is gaining traction among cryptocurrency aficionados, will also be supported by Opera (and doubters). According to Opera, it also allows users to access games, “where you may earn as you play your way through all kinds of metaverses.” According to Opera, it also includes a “Crypto Corner” with the most up-to-date blockchain news where you can improve your Web3 expertise.

Mozilla, another major competitor of Opera, recently announced that it will accept bitcoin donations, but was met with backlash from users, including co-founder Jamie Zawinski, who raised concerns about blockchain’s environmental effects. In response to criticisms about its slow development, Opera stated that it was striving to implement the more energy-efficient Etherium Layer 2 specification “as quickly as possible.”

Other companies, such as Ubisoft, have jumped on the blockchain bandwagon with NFTs and other services, causing the same uproar. Opera, at the very least, gives customers a choice by offering a variety of browser options in addition to its normal Opera browser and a gaming-oriented version.

The Crypto Browser is now available for Android, Windows, and Mac, with an iOS version coming soon.

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