Laboratory Fume Hood Choosing: Things You Should Bear In Mind

How to Choose the Right Fume Hood for Your Lab

The fume closet is one of the ventilation devices in the lab. It allows the lab workers to work securely with chemicals and other materials. In the past, fume hood units consumed higher energy, but now, it is developed with energy efficiency in mind. As a result, it helps reduce the cost and provides essential protection to lab employees.

Using the right hood for the lab application can keep laborers healthy. However, choosing the perfect unit can be time-consuming and difficult for many people. The market is filled with many ducted and ductless models. Check out these tips on How to Choose the Right Fume Hoods for Your Lab.

  • Application of hoods 

First, you should determine the purpose of the hood before buying them. It is used to remove the contaminants like dust, gas, dirt, vapor, and others from the worker.

Bear in mind what chemicals, acids, and solvents are used that decides whether you need ductless or ducted hood units. Besides, it draws air via its face and away from them from the laboratory. So you can use it in a lap to reduce the contamination risk.

  • Size of fume hood 

Pay attention to the hood size before finalizing the unit for your lab. Ensure it is located away from AC and the entranceway. The manufacturer offers hoods in different sizes, so you need to look out the equipment dimensions, which needs to house in the fume hood.

Choose the perfect hood size by considering depth, height, number of equipment, and number of workers. Extra-large machinery needs the walk-in fume hood unit in the laboratory. For example, if you have glass beakers and small items, you can use the bench-mounted hood.

  • Check where the blower is located 

You must check where the exhaust fan is located before ordering the fume hood. If the blower is connected to the central system, you need to look out the volume type.

A ducted hood makes use of the existing air duct system in the lab. It provides a reliable protective barrier ensuring that nothing can block the ducts and makes the enterprise cozy and costly.

The ductless hood relies on a filter to make harmful chemicals secure. It does not give out chemicals into the surroundings directly. So, it is an environmental-friendly method that makes it a popular option.

  • Decide ductless or ducted hood 

It is important to decide which fume hood suits your lab application, whether ducted or ductless.

A ducted hood connects to the HVAC system or blower to eliminate the harmful chemical substances in the lab. Additionally, fume scrubbers may be needed before the exhaust work area to filter the air.

The remote blower is made up of various materials that support unique purposes. So, you need to do research and find the best one.

A ductless hood captures the chemical vapor with the help of a carbon filter and blower. The blower in the fume hood recycles indoor air instead of the exterior environment. Therefore, it is suitable for a lab that uses an HVAC system.

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  • Need accessories or fixtures 

It would help if you considered whether the unit needs extra accessories. For example, some hoods have extra components like lab gas, cold-water fixture, airflow monitor, vacuum, and much more.

These parts are installed to the perfect application. It enhances the efficiency of the lab but also helps you save money on utility bills. As a result, using the best fume hood ensures a safe working environment.

Use How to Choose the Right Fume Hood for Your Lab tips before buying the unit. It helps newbies find the precise fume hood units that meet their budget and requirements. In addition, it lets people work comfortably and safely in the lab with dangerous chemical substances.

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