Kanakapura Nature Adventure Camp With Water Activities

Kanakapura Nature Adventure Camp With Water Activities

Living in big city/ metro cities and bored of your daily busy routine and all the noise, traffic, the rush of the city. The best way to overcome your boring life you should visit an adventure camp if you are living near Bangalore the best adventure camp near Bangalore is the Nature adventure camp in Kanakapura you should visit this place it is best for adventure lovers.

This Adventure Camp is situated in Bhantimari state forest and surrounded by deep forest and the views all around are lush green which looks mesmerizing it is a photo perfect place there is lake mountain and you can go for a trek on Bhandari hill ranges.

This Adventure Camp is 50km away from Bangalore and this place is a great place for camping having exciting wildlife, deep forest mountains all this makes your experience unforgettable. You can go with your friends or family or alone this place will make you feel amazed and away from all the city problems.


Activities To Indulge In-

there are plenty of activities to do in the Nature adventure camp in Kanakapura you can go for a trek or water activities activity for groups water activity 100 of big group activity paintball games all these activities at one place you should go to this place it is not away from all these amazing things this place is only 50km away from Bangalore city.

Activities to do in Nature Adventure Camp

There are plenty of activities to do in nature adventure camp, these are:


In this camp, there is a trekking option on Bhandari hill ranges to the Devara Gudda hilltop.

Cave Exploration-

During the trek after a 5km ascent, you will get to see a cave 500m deep you can explore this place.

Water Sports –

There are plenty of water sports to do in Nature adventure camp Kanakapura like swimming, coracle, kayaking, canyoning, 360-degree rope course with 8 different elements, games like mud kabaddi, slush games, mud volleyball, and different obstacle courses for adventure.

PaintBall –

Paintball is a game played in a surrounded area covered with different obstacles and you are with a gun in your hand full of paintball attacking your target and winning the game isn’t it an exciting game it is too much fun with your friend.

Corporate and team activities –

there are almost 100 activities for groups like college teams etc. If they come with a big team there are plenty of corporate team-building activities in Nature Adventure camp. There are different levels of activities as there are easy and fun activities and hard and physically challenging activities.

Best Time To Visit Adventure Camp.

You can go to this place all year round but the best time to visit this place to enjoy the best of the surrounding around the camp is after monsoon as after monsoon this place is covered with lush greenery and looks so much beautiful.

Things To Carry-

to make your experience unforgettable and to enjoy the most of Nature adventure camp. There are certain things you should carry with you to enjoy the best of all the outdoor activities-

Trekking shoes.

Comfortable and skin-friendly clothes.

Warm clothes for the night.

Water bottles, mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

Flashlight with extra batteries.

First aid and medical kit.

Personal toiletries.

This place is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation away from a city covered in the deep forest.



Take a bus or travel through your vehicle early in the morning as you reach the camp in the morning at almost the 9 am time as all the activities start from 9 am onwards once you reach you can take breakfast and relax for a while.

Then start activity every person can choose what they want to do in activity as there are 100 of activity to do in the place. Easy to learn all levels of activities.

You can do water activities and trekking is a must offered by me as it is one of the best things about the camp.

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At night camp under the sky enjoy your dinner at camp then you can enjoy your camping site with a bonfire and music.

 Day-2Wake up early, get freshened up and be ready for the next day with a great breakfast then you can go for a valley trek and explore the cave during the route. Go back to the camp and windup

Here your trip is at the end and now you are with plenty of beautiful memories.

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