Information About Desert Safari

Information About Desert Safari

Hey fellas, have you been to Desert safari in Dubai? Not yet? No issues! You are at the right place to get in-depth knowledge about desert safari excursions. Read the content below and get an idea about Desert safari.

The Famous Safari

You might have an idea about the desert-like they are hot and barren, it’s true but not much, Dubai desert is a bit hot in winters, and evenings are chilled. Even you need shawls and sweaters to spend time here. Desert safaris are popular excursions due to their natural golden beauty and adrenaline-pumping adventures. It’s a whole different world in the desert than in the city.

It is possible to enjoy a few thrilling hours here or relax for a few hours. When you book a desert safari in Dubai, you can get away from civilization and explore the desert wildlife and tourist hotspots. Desert safaris in Dubai provide the opportunity to do more than wander around tourist areas and malls. You can book morning or evening safaris all year long.

Here, you can also ride a traditional camel to get a closer look at the view from the top of the hump. Getting to know the desert and country through the guides will deepen your understanding. During the daytime, you will enjoy a refreshing breeze, and in the evening, you will enjoy a wide variety of entertainment. As you want the golden beauty of the desert, you can participate in thrilling desert safari Dubai activities like dune bashing, dune buggy, sandboarding, quad biking, and others.

A desert is a place filled with wonders, and it is excellent to see sand dunes up close. Once you see the red dunes of the Arabian desert, you’ll understand why they are so famous. Moreover, Arabian cuisine is quite delectable and features a variety of dishes, including barbecue and buffets. Fill your stomachs with the delicious aromas of live BBQ while watching the evening entertainment shows. The prices of desert safari offered by tour operators in Dubai are very reasonable.

Desert Excursions

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Dune Bashing takes place in Jeeps and Land Cruisers and will take you over high dunes and low dunes under golden skies. Are Landcruisers and Jeeps comfortable to ride in? Do you think so? The opportunity to share this experience with others makes the desert safari Dubai one of its highlights.

Taking a ride on a camel is also a unique and traditional experience. A camel ride lets you enjoy the change in color of the dunes while you ride. Besides thrilling action, the adventure gives viewers a glimpse of ancient Emiratis’ simple and modest lifestyle, when animals served as the only means of transportation and food.

Despite being a traditional mode of transportation, camels remain a valuable experience. Do you like quad biking? There is nothing more exhilarating than riding across the desert on a quad. Crossing the Arabian Desert on a quad is a thrilling experience. The best part about this is that you don’t need experience or a license to do it.

Dune buggy rides are large wheeled vehicles used in dunes, on beaches, alongside roads, and in deserts. They usually have no roof and are powered from the rear. In Dubai desert safari, you can take a dune buggy ride to discover the desert’s nature trails.

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Night Shows & Dinner

Desert safaris never fail to provide thrills and fun. With so many entertainment shows to choose from, you can watch them with either your friends or family. As well as belly dancing, fire shows, and Tanura dances, there will be a BBQ buffet dinner. Also, you can spend the night in Bedouin tents. If you want your trip to be memorable, then make sure you do the activities on this list.

A night safari is a great example. Service providers have a large impact on the quality and taste of food. Sunset Desert Safari offers a barbecue dinner as well as a variety of desserts, fresh fruits, and more. You can also enjoy overnight camping over a comfy base, and Bedouin-style camps are also famous. So, what’s your plan now? And yes, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture every beautiful moment.

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