Incredible Smart Home Tech Startups


Did you know Smart Home technology that the majority of today’s college students can’t recall a period when they didn’t have access to the internet? That means no Google Maps, Siri, or any of the other programs and technology we’ve grown accustomed to. Our lives have been made so much easier thanks to smart technology, and it doesn’t end with smartphones. Smart home technology is now also available in our automobiles and kitchens.

Incredible Smart Home Tech Startups

Smart home tech businesses enable us to save money on heating by automating to meet our schedules or unlocking the front door with an app rather than keys. Smart home technology businesses have made it possible for homeowners to automate a variety of tasks, as well as make their houses safer and more energy-efficient than ever before.

Smart home technology’s pervasiveness shows several essential features of human nature:

1. We want connectivity because it makes our lives easier when our devices communicate with one another.

2. We want convenience, so anything that allows us to cross things off our to-do list is something we’ll pay for.

3. We want to control – not complete submission to the robots, but the ability to govern things at a finer level than ever before.

4. We all want to be cool, there’s no denying it; smart home technology is extremely hip, and the bragging rights are a worthwhile investment.

Our home utilities, appliances, safety features, and even kitchen gadgets have all been infused with technology. Through new Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, startups are continually discovering new and novel methods to make our home lives as easy, efficient, and connected as possible.

So, what’s next for the Internet of Things? If history is any indication, it will enable humans to achieve even greater degrees of control and connectivity.

The following are some of the most revolutionary smart home technology inventions of the last decade:

  1. The Nest Learning Thermostat, which saves energy by programming itself to the user’s household schedule.

2. August Smart Locks are smart locks that allow homeowners to provide “virtual” keys to visitors via an app.

3. Despite its failure, the Jibo Personal Assistant Robot shows incredible potential for AI helpers in the future.

Take a look at The Zebra’s infographic below to learn about the best smart home tech firms that have rocked the industry and influenced our perceptions of what smart technology can do. These firms paved the way for future entrepreneurs, even if not all of them made it out of the gate.