Importance of Reviews in Local SEO


 Reviews are one of the most important parts of every product and service available online. Reviews are not other people’s opinions about the product or services but also a matter of reputation for that particular company. As you can see there are many companies’ product and services reviews available on the basis of star ratings. If a companies’ product or service gets a 5-star rating review online then that particular product or service is considered a reliable product or service in the market. In general, reviews came directly from the public but in many cases, they came from different websites and many different social media channels as well. In normal day-to-day life, people consider reviews as an experience of a person who is using that particular product and service. Reviews can affect a person’s buying decision.

It is necessary for an organization to provide better than its competitors.  A company’s website’s search engine results pages (SERPs) can be affected by the number of positive and negative reviews it gains. So, the importance of reviews in local SEO services can not be denied. In most cases search engines like Google audit the reviews of a website including the types, quantity, and quality of the content and quality of the website at the time of positioning the company’s website on the search position. The reviews can be directly responsible for a company’s search position online. Before understanding the importance of reviews in local SEO in detail, let us know what local SEO is for a better understanding.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is something that helps a Brand’s web page to reach its targeted audience in the local areas or nearby location which the brand is targeting. Local SEO optimizes all the aspects and makes sure that the company’s website gets a better online presence in local search or local listing

It helps your business to gain more visibility locally in the local search results of Google. If local SEO services work properly then your company’s listing will definitely appear in the first 3 positions of the local listing (where the map/location is visible) The only requirement to avail of the local SEO services is that your business must have a physical address which can be seen and found on Google.  Local SEO can be understood better by knowing how Google works.

For example, you are a restaurant brand in Noida and someone searches for Good Restaurants in Noida, so herein if your brand comes on the top of local listing the user will directly contact your outlet and order food. That is how local listing and especially ranking on local listing works.

The Importance of Reviews In Local SEO:

Here are some of the most relevant points that will explain the importance of reviews in Local SEO.

  1. Local SEO Helps In Improving Search Position of a Website:

To expand your business or increase business revenue on the online market the primary thing is to appear on the very first page of a search engine like Google. If your company’s webpage appears on the top 3 search results then it is most likely to be considered as your company is reliable. A website’s search position can be determined by many things. An organic SEO can help a local business like a digital marketing agency in Noida to appear on the first page of Google search when a searcher searches for a service related to a digital marketing agency in the local market of Noida. After Covid-19, the competition among online business presence has increased unexpectedly. In this kind of scenario, the presence of a business website on the first page of Google search becomes more and more difficult. In general, people always prefer to visit the websites that are shown on the first page of Google. So, you can understand the difficulty level of maintaining a business web page on the first page of Google. There are many things that can affect SEO and reviews are one of them. If a company’s product and services are getting negative reviews then Google will list down that company’s web page to the 3rd or 4th page which will lead to the loss of the company. So it is very clear that gaining positive reviews and negative reviews is very effective for the local SEO.

  1. Get Different  Types and Diversified Reviews: Not just reviews but different types of reviews can be important for local SEO. The review’s diversity, quantity, and consistency will also be taken into consideration by Google while determining the company’s website position. For example, you have a company and you provide different SEO packages in Noida. The primary product and service of your company is to provide SEO services all over the world. But if the quality of reviews you have received are not good and not considered as compared to the number of services you provide then it will create doubt as well as it will make your web page suspicious. For which, search engines like google will not give you the importance that your company deserves.


  1. Why Good Ratings are Important?: As you know the more ratings you get for your company’s product and services, the more reliable you will be considered. Your company’s revenue can be affected by the number of ratings you are getting online. From many sources, it has been seen that 80% of people only prefer top stars like 4 and 5-star products and services.

Why Reviews are Important for Search Engines and How It Affects Your Website?: The primary work of a search engine like Google is to provide the best and most reliable search results to the searchers. The reviews of a website and local SEO services of that website are interrelated because the reviews show its authenticity and reliability. A search engine like Google always tries to provide the best products, services, and information to its users, so the search engines always take websites products, services, and information reviews into consideration. So, the reviews of a company’s website make it stronger as well as vulnerable.

Tips to Get Better Reviews For Your Websites:

Following are some of the tips to get positive reviews for your websites.

  1. Asking for Reviews from Your Targeted Audience: Many websites don’t ask for reviews from their users, though they have a review section on their website. But, it is always advisable to ask for reviews from your users to understand their needs. If a business like SEO services in Noida gets any negative reviews then it becomes their duty to reply to them with a solution for better results. This is one of the most effective and genuine ways to gain the trust of your users.

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1. Using Different Media For Reviews From Priority Clients and Users: If a user feels as important from your response and services then they always prefer to choose your company’s products and services over other company’s products and services. You can ask them for reviews on your website, via mail, asking in person, via telephone, and many more to make them feel important and valuable

  1. Always Attend Your User With Proper Satisfactory Solutions:

 It’s not just asking for reviews, you also need to attend those reviews as well. If a user is not satisfied with your product or service then you need to answer them on an urgent basis and make them satisfied with different solutions.


From the above information you get to know that negative reviews can affect your local SEO services. Nowadays people talk a lot about different products and services and share their experiences on different social media platforms. If you take care of your user’s needs then you can also get positive reviews on different social media platforms. SEO is the most important factor to achieve better results online. So, it became an important concern for an organization to take care of its product and services reviews online.

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