How to Treat Frizzy Hair


Well, summer is coming and everybody wanna go for an outing and want to enjoy the summer’s shiny sun. People want to sunbath just lying on the beach and putting sunscreen on. Well, that’s okay for the body. But what do you do when you see your hair get frizzy?

Frizzy hair makes your hair rough and you can’t even go out with your friends in a part with this frizzy hair.

So no worries at all here I am going to share some amazing proven tips to get rid of Frizzy hair and make your hair shine again.

What causes Frizziness?

While for some people it’s just a part of their DNA, frizz typically occurs due to a lack of moisture in the hair. That means your body gets dehydrated and your hair needs more water. So water loss is the main reason for frizzy hair. When your hair is dry, damaged, or chemically treated, the outer layer of the strand (a.k.a the cuticle) becomes raised, as opposed to laying flat and smooth, allowing moisture from the surrounding air to enter, causing it to swell and turn into frizz. That means your body needs water and your hair needs more water growth.

1. Pick a Glycerin-Packed, Sulphate-free Shampoo And Conditioner.

We always try to avoid products that contain sulfur compounds (those cleanser agents that are responsible for the thick lather found that shampoos produce) it’s crucial to avoid them when experiencing frizz because they strip and dehydrate hair strands, which causes them to dry out and, you know what frizzy. When you’re looking for formulas that do not contain sulfate We also suggest looking for products that are loaded with glycerin. It aids in reducing frizz by soaking into the hair’s moisture and conditioning the hair from the inside out. It’s also a great humidifier, which means it absorbs any moisture that is in the air and forms a protective layer on the exterior of the hair, helping to retain moisture. Are you unsure where to begin with your search for a product? Take a look! Our custom shampoos and conditioners don’t just complete both boxes but offer you the chance to include a variety of hair-smoothing goal-settings for hair to your formulation which include ” anti-frizz,” “shine,” “straighten,” and curl definition,” so your hair remains healthy and smooth throughout the year.


To get an additional boost of water retention, you should use a rich deep conditioning mask every week at least. A good hair mask will not just aid in hydrating your hair from inside out but will also shield it from split-ends and heat damage — two factors that can cause hair to be more susceptible to frizz.


Using the wrong towel can literally make or break your hair (specifically the latter), as your hair is in its most vulnerable state when it’s fresh-out-of-the-shower wet. Instead of using a rough cotton towel that can cause frizz, friction, and breakage, choose an ultra-soft microfiber towel instead. Its softer fabric is not just gentler on your hair, but it is also specifically designed to dry your hair more quickly and decrease the amount of swelling that can occur when hair is wet which causes it to be more prone to Frizz as well as damage.


Attention curly-haired ladies, this article is just for you! While drying hair makes sure to attach an accessory for diffusers to your blow-dryer to reduce the amount of energy and forceful air that hits your hair strands. With a diffuser, you’ll be able to prevent your hair from moving around too much as drying, which, in turn, results in less friction, which means less frizz.

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5. RINSE YOUR HAIR All day long.

Not with an in-shower conditioner, but instead an excellent leave-in product such as our custom leaves-in-treatment. Alongside providing your hair with a significant amount of lasting nourishment and moisture It also creates an outer layer of protection around hair strands, helping to block out factors that can cause frizz, such as heat and humidity. In addition, as with all our products, you’ll have the option to select the goals for your hair with your own unique formula. This allows you to add items such as “anti-frizz,” “shine,” and “straighten,” to your leave-in treatment to give your hair an additional boost of benefits throughout the day.

In order to make your hair grow in a great way, you must get the amazing products that worked for you. Vince Biotin Keratin Shampoo is one of the best that I used for my hair. So I try to mention tips and ways to get frizzy-free hair… So if you have any questions.

Ask me anytime.


It may seem like a bit “extra,” but a silk pillowcase could actually assist in helping combat frizz and split ends. It’s because, similar to a cotton towel, the typical pillowcases made of cotton will pull at the hair’s filaments. They also create friction when you’re in a flurry of motion during the night, which can result in no more than frizz breakage, tangles, and split ends in the morning. Silk however is a softer, smoother fabric that can help preserve the natural oils in your hair as you’re sleeping, which will reduce the amount of damage and friction it’s exposed to over the course of the night.

  1. KISS the hairspray.

While your instincts might tell you to apply the hairspray before you go out for a sunny day, the truth about the matter is that it can end up doing greater harm than it does good. It’s because even light hairsprays are made with some form of alcohol, which dries out hair and causes the cuticle of your hair to expand and then become thick and puffy. This is frizz’s favorite friend and you should be sure to keep away.

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  1. Touch up with a MASCARA WAND.

For stubborn flyaways that require some extra assistance to stay flat, you can reach for an eyelash wand (no-no!). Simply spray the tip of the mascara wand clean or toothbrush using a small amount of alcohol-free spray (a small amount of spray isn’t bad) or dry oil spray and then gently glide it over the frizzy part for more firmness and smoothness.

  1. Pay regular visits to your Hairstylist.

Breakage and split ends can be a major reason for frizz that is not needed and that’s why you should consider getting your hair cut every 8 to 10 weeks or so. Trim can help remove any damaged, frayed ends, thereby reducing the chance of frizz, and will keep your hair clean and healthy.


While hot devices may appear to be counterintuitive in this instance, they’re actually a fantastic way to keep the hair’s cuticle in place so that hair strands lie straight and smooth. The trick is to not overdo it because thermal damage can result in frizz. The trick? Let your hair air-dry to a large extent (about 75 percent) prior to finishing it by using a hairdryer. Be sure to maintain the lowest setting and be sure to keep it at least 6 inches far from the hair and ensure that it doesn’t get too hot on your hair, causing damage.

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