How To Straighten A Wavy Human Hair Wig? 


 Human Hair Wig: Over time, it’s not uncommon for Brazilians to want to replace wigs with deep wave closures and body wave closures. Hairstyles are constantly changing, as are all aspects of fashion. Changing the color and style of the wig will completely transform the look. If you have a curly human hair wig, you may wonder if you can straighten it. The answer is yes. Your wig is made of human hair and can be straightened.

Here’s how you can straighten a wavy human hair wig by following these 3 different methods


Straightening Wigs Using A Flat Iron

Straight  body wave closure wigs with flat irons

  • Put on heat-resistant gloves and iron. This is important as the flat iron and body wave closure wig get very hot and can burn your skin.
  • Start with a small piece of the wig and move the plate up and down. Repeat this process until your hair is as straight as you want it to be.
  • Check the rest of the wig. Use the iron section by section until you have removed all parts of the wig. This process can take some time and requires a little patience.

Straightening  Wavy wigs With A Steamer

Using a steamer on body wave closure wigs

  • Use a bobby pin to brush the top hair so you can focus on the bottom hair first.
  • Turn on the steamer by gently grasping the bottom hair.
  • After smoothing the hair underneath, place the hair over the body wave closure wig and repeat this technique.
  • Remove the clips from the other parts of the wig and repeat this process until the entire wig is steamed.

Tip: If you don’t have a steamer, you can use a hairdryer. However, you must be careful with the temperature setting of your hairdryer as excessive heat can damage the wig that closes your wavy body. If you use a hairdryer to do this, be careful not to get the nozzle of the hairdryer in your hair. It will damage the wig.


Straightening Curly Wig Without Heat

No heat method to straighten hair

  • Brush hair between wigs.
  • Wet the Brazilian Deep Wave Closure Wigs completely and wrap it into a small piece.
  • Wrap the other side around the back of the wig. To hold everything in place you need to use a bobby pin. Repeat with the new part of the wig until finished.
  • Dry the wig and then wear it again. Then, after complete drying, remove all pins.


Follow the steps above for an interesting and easy way to straighten a curly wig to change shape. Discover the perfect combination of True Glory Hair straight closure wig and Brazilian Wave Closure Wig.

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