How To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone


As sad as it is in this day and age, women who travel alone are still more likely to have unpleasant interactions with others. It can take many forms, such as something being slipped into a drink, a purse snatching, or an outright assault. While they won’t make the world a better place, the following tips can help you stay safe while traveling alone.


Pay Attention to Your Surroundings: travel alone

Resist the urge to send a text, check your social media, or lose your focus if you are traveling alone. Instead, be very aware of your surroundings and what is going on in them. Know where people are and when new ones enter the area.  This one simple step can save you from finding yourself in a compromising position. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to get distracted by what you are doing and forget. That is especially true when you are in a new place.

Know Where To Seek Help

Just as important as being aware of your surroundings, you should always know where to go for help if needed. Indoors this could be the exit or ladies’ room. or it may be a staff member of the place you are visiting. Outside, it may be a more crowded section of the street or into a storefront. Whatever you choose, keep its location in mind in case trouble pops up.

Learn Self Defense Techniques:travel alone

If you plan on spending time alone pout and about, it is also a good idea to learn a few self-defense techniques. This could range from using a personal defense item to learning how to break free from an attacker and then attract attention from passersby. If you decide to go with a weapon, be sure to shop concealed carry holsters for women to find one that is comfortable and discreet.

You can help protect yourself when traveling alone by paying attention, learning self-defense techniques, and knowing where to go for help if a problem arises.

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