How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business like Binance?


The Cryptocurrency market has revolutionized almost every industry and is making the highest revenue of the decades in hours. The cryptocurrency exchange has been tagged as the ideal platform for exchanging cryptocurrency in return for other digital assets. These platforms have made it easier to profit by charging a decent transaction fee and commission. To start a cryptocurrency exchange business, you can also develop a cryptocurrency exchange at a reasonable cost and reap profits. Follow this article until the end to have more profound insights into what crypto exchange is, its legal issues, the types of crypto exchange, and how to start a cryptocurrency exchange business from scratch.


What is the crypto exchange, and how does the cryptocurrency exchange business model work?

As the term suggests, a Crypto exchange is an online platform where you are allowed to carry out crypto exchanges in return for fiat currencies or other digital assets that have value outside the crypto world. Coinbase, Bitcoin, and Bittrex are currently the most popular US-based crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges are grouped into three major categories: centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and P2P exchange. Let’s discuss these exchanges in brief.

Centralized Exchange

Exchanges like Coinbase, Wazirx, or CoinDCX are a type of centralized exchange. A middleman [intermediary] connecting the buyers and sellers manages all the transactions, ensuring credibility. The trading fee charged by the intermediary ranges between 0.1-and 0.5%.

Decentralized exchange

Decentralized exchanges, otherwise called DEXs, are efficient apps that thrive on blockchain technology. DEX is an exchange platform where the user has the provision to engage in direct peer-to-peer exchanges. DEX is famous for its ability to execute large-scale trading between numerous users simultaneously. Instead of deploying an intermediary, DEX has a completely automated algorithm. Traders widely accept decentralized exchange as it doesn’t involve conventional financial practices. In addition, the absence of liquidity and added security makes DEX more prevalent among traders.

P2P exchange

P2P short for peer-to-peer exchange is another crypto exchange platform where the buyers and sellers are allowed to carry out crypto trades and exchanges without the involvement of a middle man. However, third-party involvement happens when a dispute redressal arises. In addition, P2P crypto exchange permits verified users to perform hustle-free trades.

You might be wondering how exactly crypto exchanges work. Cryptocurrency exchanges work closely similar to stock markets. To set foot on the crypto exchange platform, you need to create an account by signing up and providing the relevant details. Once you are inside, you can adopt trending marketing strategies to carry out trades and exchange cryptocurrencies during the allotted time. Crypto exchanges don’t keep a fixed price; instead, the demand and supply determine the asset value.

Can you make money by participating in crypto exchanges? YES! It is possible to make money with crypto exchanges. Strategies for making a profit entirely rely on the following three mechanisms:

  1. You can either invest or trade in the crypto market even if you don’t own any crypto.
  2. Engage in the blockchain systems and gain rewards in coins for the work done.
  3. You can utilize the coins you own to stake or lend them to other users/systems.

What are the legalities issues surrounding crypto exchanges?

Here is a list of legal issues associated with crypto exchanges one should be aware of before starting a cryptocurrency exchange business.

Data theft and financial fraud

Data theft and financial fraud are the crucial legal concerns associated with crypto exchanges. As the exchange platform handles millions of data, the probability of data breach is relatively high. For example, 2017 witnessed the most significant data breach of over 1 million email addresses. Such data breaches become serious issues as your data like full name and phone numbers become vulnerable.

Privacy concerns

Privacy concerns and data theft belong to the same line. But unfortunately, the existing law of the United States regarding privacy and security does not say anything about privacy concerns that shadow blockchain technology.

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Money laundering

Several expert analysts said that the crypto exchange is an ideal platform for financial crimes and money laundering. This criticism originated as every crypto trader prefers to maintain their identity anonymously. Moreover, cryptocurrencies have been extensively used in the “dark market sites” where fraudulent activities like buying, selling, or illegal goods take place with a minimum risk of getting identified.

Tax implications

According to the United States Federal income tax purposes, digital coins are merely property, not currency. This view adversely affects the taxpayers as they cannot use cryptocurrency for any Internal Revenue purposes. However, the taxpayers must decide their cryptocurrency market value, which can be done by digital currency swap into government accepted US dollars. In addition to that, the US government has pronounced cryptocurrency as a capital asset. This indicates that individual investors are obliged to pay grains of taxes considering their profit rate via cryptocurrencies.

Intellectual property

Crypto exchange is rapidly spreading among intellectual properties, including consumer goods industries, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc. the extensive use of crypto exchange among sectors that fall under the IP-intensive category has led to various concerns, which are mentioned below:

  • IP ownership and authorship
  • Establishing and imposing IP licenses and agreements
  • Difficulty in channeling networks through intelligent contracts
  • Supervising and keeping track of registered and unregistered IPs.

Binance Exchange Business Model –

Changpeng Zhao founded Binance in 2017. The primary objective of Binance is to facilitate high-frequency trading software, and it currently has 500 cryptocurrency trading software. Additionally, Binance has its cryptocurrency called BNB. Binance enables users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. They also offer a fantastic array of trading, fundraising, educational platforms, cloud solutions, etc.

The significant platform features involve low fees, various cryptocurrencies, and comprehensive charting options. The primary source of revenue for Binance is via cloud offering, trading fees, profits from investments, loans, and interests, mining services, etc.

Vital steps to follow while starting a crypto exchange business.

Are you looking forward to starting a crypto exchange business? As per the Markets and Markets report, the cryptocurrency market rocketed up to $1.40 billion in 2021. The demand for crypto exchanges increased manifold with the rise in the crypto market. This indicates that now is the best time to start a cryptocurrency exchange business. One must follow the significant steps to create a successful cryptocurrency exchange business.

  1. The first step on your way to creating a crypto exchange business is to choose the type of exchange [DEX, CEX, or P2P].
  2. Once you have finalized the exchange type, consult an experienced legal counsel to understand the licensing process. This way, you can confirm that every legal requirement has been met.
  3. Before starting the project, have the approximate funding required to come true. Not planning the project according to the fund is why many start-ups fail.
  4. Find a liquidity provider that is best suited for your business. Then, before you finalize with anyone, analyze them in terms of cost-effectiveness, trading conditions, protocols used, availability of margin trading, and trading conditions.
  5. Prioritize high-level security. One of the significant reasons the majority stay away from crypto exchanges is the poor security systems. Therefore, implement the finest security systems for your exchange.
  6. Customer support is a vital element of every venture, irrespective of its size. So make sure that you offer the best customer support for your users. This way, you can retain the existing users effectively.
  7. Once you are done with the development part, familiarizing your business with the target audience is the last step. There are two significant initiatives to promote your crypto exchange: client acquisition and client retention.

Besides preparing for the launch, implementing an asset management strategy, customer care and recruitment, etc., will act as an extra marketing tool and increase user loyalty.

What is the margin in cryptocurrency trading?

Margin trading is where you borrow funds from an exchange source and utilize it to make a trade. This way, you can make more trades in a brief period. Trading with leveraging is another term used for margin trading because the traders leverage their trades, surpassing the existing capital. Margin is an unavoidable fragment of leveraged trading because the word describes the first deposit you made to open and uphold a leveraged position. Always remember that while trading cryptocurrencies on margin, your margin necessities alter according to the trade size and your broker.

What is the Spread in Cryptocurrency trading?

Spread is the term used to expose the difference between the buy and sell price when put in simple words. Once you open a locus in the cryptocurrency market, you will be offered two different prices. If you wish to open a long-term position, keep in mind to trade at the buy price, and to open a short-term position, trade at the selling price.

Appinop to Your Rescue

Building a Cryptocurrency exchange business like Binance is a complex task requiring time, effort, and funds. You will be required to conduct extensive market and user research, specify the essential features, create compelling UI/UX design, pick an appropriate tech stack, and run an effective marketing campaign.

If you need a proficient company with professional cryptocurrency exchange developers, the Appinop team has vital in-depth knowledge of producing specialized online portals. Our high-class experts are ready to build a top-notch and unique exchange service for your business needs. We deal with full-cycle crypto platform development, not development, and other blockchain-related services to help our clients fulfill their goals.

Get in touch for more precise advice from our specialists. Appinop can construct a robust and promising crypto exchange platform from scratch!

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