How to Set Up Apple Watch Fall Detection

Apple watch 2022

on the smartwatch Apple Watch It features a function that is quite fascinating and that you may not have engaged for whatever reason. We are talking about fall detection, which allows the wearable to know if the user has had a mishap and triggers specific control mechanisms to know if everything is going smoothly. We tell you what you have to do to activate it on your smartwatch.
One of the first things you should know about is the Apple models that give this possibility both because they include the appropriate hardware and the version of the watchOS operating system that allows the detection to work. They are as follows: Apple Watch SE; Apple WatchSeries 4; Series 5; Series 6 and the upcoming Series 7. Therefore, they are quite a few, since it is a vital duty for the Cupertino corporation.

How fall detection works:

Thanks to the huge number of sensors inside the Apple Watch, among which there is no lack of an accelerometer and gyroscope, the motions that are caused when falling are identified. If so, it begins with a succession of protocols in order to find out if everything is going smoothly. The first is to recognize if the user remains stationary on the ground.

If there is no movement, an emergency message to call and advise that there is a problem. But before you can answer a question to indicate that this is not necessary for any reason. Otherwise, and if more than a minute passes, the related notification is sent to the emergency service and to the linked contact set on the telephone itself.
Besides, also the smartwatch starts to generate a strong sound to try to induce the user to react if feasible. And apart from that, among the data that is supplied is the Location accurate. Therefore, we are talking about a really beneficial tool.

How to activate the function on the Apple Watch

Well, this is done in the application Watch of control that you have on the iPhone, so you don’t have to do anything on the smartwatch itself. Once the app is open, you must access the section My watch and, there, find the option sos emergency. Give it use to run the activation and from then on the tool is fully working.

There is an option that you should know about: you may set the functioning of the emergencies in two ways, that the function is always on or that it only activates when it detects that you are training. In addition, and with good judgment, if the Apple Watch is configured for a person of 55 years or older the tool will be activated by default. It’s better to avoid than to cure.

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