How to Prepare For a Sugar Treatment at Home & Save Money

How to Prepare For a Sugar Treatment at Home & Save Money

Sugar is such a common problem of the modern age that we need sugar treatment in any way. Whenever a person becomes diabetic, he needs a proper sugar treatment. This sugar treatment (sugar ka ilaj) is not for a month or two. Rather, the diabetic person has to check and balance his glucose level for the rest of his life. A diabetic person develops some other associated diseases. To make a long story short, sugar puts a person at the mercy of various drugs for the rest of their life.

Not all patients could spend money on these expensive diabetes medicines. Especially, in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and India, a local person already tries hard to meet his basic needs. Some of them even live hand to mouth as they do not know whether they will have the next meal or not. For this reason, we need a cost-effective method that is also easy to access. Are you curious to know about these treatments? Let me brief you!


Shift Your Diet to Fibres

A shift from an unhealthy and unbalanced diet to a healthy diet pampers a sugar person for the future. If he only manages to intake fibers more among all the portions of the diet, it will be sufficient for preventing the risk factors. Fibers are found in nuts, veggies, wholegrain cereals, etc. They are digested easily and get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Manage the Carbohydrate Portion

Asian people normally like to have chapattis, bread, and other forms of carbohydrates in their meals. The major portion of an average person in this area is carbs. But when we account for this reality for a diabetic patient, it creates an alarming situation in my mind.

A diabetic patient needs to regulate the glucose level in the body. Glucose and fructose are the building blocks of carbs. In other words, carbohydrates are the hydrated forms of CH2O which is the empirical formula of glucose. The metabolized product after the complete hydrolysis of carbs will surely be glucose. A diabetic patient does not need an additional amount of glucose. Therefore, the adjustment of carbs in our plates is a key for maintaining glucose levels inside the body.

Cut off Sugar (whited Table Sugar)

White table sugar blows the evil. A diabetic person already has an excess amount of glucose in his body. He could not intake more glucose as insulin in the body will not be able to process the surplus amount. He should also avoid honey, maple serum and some other natural sweeteners.

In addition to this, some people love eating sweets, candies, chocolates, and anything that is sweet in taste. They have cravings for sweets. So, they eat sweets in their mood swings, sad or happy. This habit is a risk factor for such people. They must cease this habit for the sake of their health.

Never Miss Your Meals

Our cells need the energy to perform their functions. Insulin is necessary for the transport of glucose across semi-permeable cell membranes of animal cells. Due to insulin deficiency or cells’ resistance to insulin, our body could not accomplish this task. As a result, our cells feel low in energy which signals our brains to start hunger pangs. A diabetic patient has to take several short meals a day to meet his body requirements. So, eat something light whenever you feel hungry. Otherwise, you may faint due to low glucose in your cells.

Exercise to Boost Up Your Mechanism

Three meals a day with balanced portions of food from all the food groups guarantees good health. However, we recommend it for a diabetic patient to have more short meals and not make space for a large meal. A large meal can burden his stomach pain. So, diabetes increases the chance of high cholesterol and obesity, collectively.

Exercising regularly is a perfect solution to boost up body mechanisms. Count your steps regularly. It will give you an estimate of how much of which portion you can add to your diet. Also, it will give you an idea about the calories you burn on a daily basis.

Learn Stress Management

Our happy mood imparts positive impacts on our daily life. People said that laughter therapy is perfect for your mental and heart health. Stress conditions may worsen our diabetes. A person feels dull and weak. The Unani system describes sugar as a kidney disorder in which a person urinates more. Hence, learning stress management is a good remedy for sugar treatment (sugar ka desi ilaj).

Have a Beauty Sleep 

Insomnia disturbs all body mechanisms and puts up additional stress in your mind. Having a beauty sleep directly deals with diabetes.


A sugar treatment (blood sugar ka ilaj) is readily available in your kitchen. It all depends on a person, how he best uses all the blessings around him for his benefit.

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