How to Conceal Apps on Phones Using Android-Based OS.

Conceal Apps
Conceal Apps

Whatever the reason to conceal material on your phone, there are plenty of options on exactly how you can do it. This post will have a closer check out those techniques and methods appropriate for Android and other Android-based operating systems to assist you to disguise sensitive information from spying eyes.


How to Conceal Applications on A Lot of Android Phones

It’s possible to conceal different applications on any type of phone regardless of which brand you have.

The first method is appropriate for concealing the applications you don’t use and hiding the apps you do utilize; however, desire no person to see them.

The 2nd approach is a lot more restricted. It is just ideal for system applications that you can’t remove. However, it needs much less effort and won’t alter the feeling of your tool like the first approach.

Technique 1. Try Nova Launcher

Many Android launchers let you hide apps in just a couple of actions. We suggest utilizing Nova Launcher as it offers many attributes and is exceptionally quick. The only issue is that you are required to sign up for the Prime version to finish the job, as the totally free version doesn’t permit hiding applications.

To turn on Nova Launcher on your tool, comply with these step-by-step directions:

Install Nova Launcher Prime.

Set it as a default on your phone.

Open Settings within the application.

Transfer to Application drawer > Conceal apps.

Select the apps you wish to conceal.

Indeed, you can still make use of the applications even if they are concealed. Just open up the application cabinet, go into the application’s name in the search box, and introduce it once it appears.

If you’re looking for a totally free choice to Nova Launcher Prime, we recommend attempting Peek Launcher. It’s not as good as Nova Launcher; however, it allows you to hide applications without spending your cash.

Approach 2. Disable Applications in the Settings

You can conceal applications from the app menu by disabling them, indicating you can no longer use them. Besides, this method is suitable for system applications– apps set up by the producer on your device and can’t be gotten rid of.

To disable an app, you need to:

Relocate to the settings of your phone.

Pick the “Application & Notifications” alternative.

Click “See All Applications.”

Locate the app you intend to conceal.

Tap “Disable.”.

Bear in mind that the precise course to these settings might slightly vary depending upon your phone version and Android variation.

How to Conceal Apps on Phones Using Android-Based OS.

Indeed, a couple of brands designed their phones using an Android-based os. Though they might look quite comparable to normal Android devices, they still have their unique attributes in the technical side of the device. So, we won’t give directions for all Android-based phones on the market, but we will certainly reveal to you just how to get the job done on OnePlus and Huawei gadgets.

OnePlus Phones.

In order to conceal applications on OnePlus, you need to find the Hidden Room feature on your phone.

To access it, just adhere to the guidelines below.

Open up the application cabinet.

Swipe right to get to the Hidden Area folder.

Click the “+” icon in the top-right corner.

Select the apps you intend to conceal.

Tap the checkmark in the top-right corner.

You can likewise activate a password/fingerprint protection to ensure you’re the only one who has accessibility to the Hidden Room folder. To do so, faucet three vertical dots in the top-right corner, pick “Enable password,” and comply with the directions afterward.

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Huawei Phones.

You can hide apps on Huawei gadgets by utilizing a function called private space. It allows you to develop a brand-new “space” on your phone with different applications, data, etc. You can access it by phone with the fingerprint appointed to the new area you’ve created.

To establish Private Space, do the following:

Adhere to the course Settings > Security & Privacy > private space.

Comply with the instructions on your display to set up a private space.

Open the device with the fingerprint assigned to gain access to private space.

Download and install and mount any applications you want to make personal.

Bear in mind that Private Space apps will only be readily available in a different account as well as won’t show up in your major account. This implies that you require removing them from your primary space and downloading them again to your Private Space account. It might look a bit boring. It won’t take a lot of your time.

Just How to Conceal Pictures and Files on A Lot Of Android Instruments.

Concealing approaches (a minimum of two of them) for pictures as well as files seem quite comparable to those related to concealing apps. Both methods do the job, however, in absolutely different methods. Both techniques require you to download an app from the Play Store. Nonetheless, the most effective thing about them is that they are absolutely complimentary.

Approach 1. Download And Install the Gallery Vault App.

As you can see, this application functions as a safe for your images as well as other documents. For example, you can drag the private images as well as documents from your gallery and other applications into Gallery Vault, and after that, access them with a password or fingerprint. The app is completely free, but it is ad-supported, making the procedure a bit aggravating.

To utilize Gallery Vault, adhere to these steps:

Download the Gallery Vault and create an account.

Run the app and tap the “+” switch in the bottom-right corner.

Pick the kind of data you wish to add to the vault (pictures, video clips, etc.).

Select the data.

Click the “Add” choice.

Choose the folder you want the data to be in.

Method 2. Make Use of the AppLock Application.

If you are not anxious to move your data from one location to an additional one, AppLock is a better option. It enables you to secure any type of application on your device and access it only with your fingerprint. For example, you can shut the Gallery and Google Photos apps so that if a person takes your phone, they can’t see any kind of images you have because there is no accessibility.

To turn on AppLock, adhere to these detailed guidelines:

Download AppLock as well as installs it.

To lock an app, scroll down until you see the list of applications on your phone.

Then, head to the “Protect” tab and make the “Fingerprint Lock” choice possible.

Finally, we advise you to enable the fingerprint lock to prevent using a pattern that’s supplied by default.

Just How to Conceal Pictures as well as Documents on Phones Utilizing Android-Based OS.

Depending on your phone’s operating system, you may have some choices to conceal files and also pictures without downloading and installing extra apps. Listed below, we will explain some features developed into phones made by OnePlus and Huawei. Look into the detailed instructions for the brand names stated here.

OnePlus Phones.

OnePlus has a fantastic Lockbox alternative concealed so deep that many individuals do not even find out about it. You need to access the Documents

Manager app to locate it, as well as right here are the detailed directions:

Open the Data Manager application to gain access to Lockbox.

Scroll down to the end to see it.

Open up the folder of your selection (videos, pictures, papers, sound).

Long-press on a file you require to conceal.

Tap three upright dots in the top-right edge.

Select “Transfer to Lockbox” to complete the treatment.

Huawei Phones.

Huawei phones provide an exciting possibility to hide numerous documents as well as photos by utilizing the integrated risk-free. As soon as you’re secure, you can drag all sensitive files here. Incidentally, the safe is fingerprint/password shielded to make sure only the gadget proprietor can access its web content.

To make use of risk-free, all you have to do is:

Adhere to the course Setups > Protection & Privacy > Safe.

Tap the “Add” alternative at the end of your display.

Select the type of files you intend to hide (videos, images, audio.).

Select the files.

Tap the “Add” switch once more.

Final thought.

There you have it– now you can quickly conceal delicate pictures, apps, as well as various other files on your cell phone from prying eyes. All the tricks and methods explained above are simple to use regardless of your Android device (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Honor).

OnePlus as well as Huawei owners, are fortunate to try their phones’ native tools. Do not fret if your phone (or OS version) doesn’t have support for safe folders; there is a fantastic range of amazing third-party apps you can constantly count on.

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