Get the best wooden wall cabinet for kitchen


A lot is involved when it comes to designing your kitchen. Since the kitchen is the heart of the house, nothing should go wrong with its design. While every nook and corner of the room needs to be designed thoughtfully, a wooden wall cabinet for the kitchen needs extra attention. But before you make this big decision of installing new cabinets in the kitchen, you should be aware of the different types of cabinets that are available.

  1. Shaker-style cabinet

It is one of the most common types of cabinets for the kitchen. It consists of five flat panels that create a frame with four pieces and a single flat center panel. This style is loved by most people because it is simple and classic. It can match all kinds of décor styles and offer sufficient storage space in the kitchen.

  1. Inset

As the name suggests, these cabinets are done with an inset door that is set inside the cabinet frame and not the outside of the frame. Here every door and cabinet is designed using proper measurement to make sure that the food that sits inside the frame is not spoilt while opening or closing the doors. It can be said that these are the most expensive kinds of wall cabinets for the kitchen in the market. The classic look of an inset-style cabinet lasts for a long time. You can easily customize this cabinetry and create custom cabinets. You should also remember that this cabinetry needs exposed hinges. This might add to your budget. You would be needing two hinges for each door for inset cabinets.

  1. Flat-Panel or Slab

These are also called “slab” cabinet doors, these doors are stylish yet simple. This kitchen offers hard lines and lacks any expensive details. This is a great wooden wall cabinet for a kitchen that is made either in a modern house or contemporary décor style. These slab doors don’t have any frames.

  1. Louvered

Louvered cabinets are unique kinds of kitchen cabinets that require ventilation because these doors have spaces between them. In case you are looking for doors to cabinetry that is near a pantry or a radiator, keep this fact in your mind. Louvered kitchen cabinets are done with horizontal wooden slats and might cost you huge bucks. These cabinets add a unique style to your kitchen décor.

  1. Beadboard

This concept involves vertical planks with beads between each plank. This beadboard geometry gives a dynamic look to the kitchen as compared to many other styles. Because of the beads, the cabinet doors get the texture and look of a cottage-style kitchen. In case you go for white beadboard cabinets, the cracks will be hard to clean. So, keep this in mind while choosing the color of the beads.

  1. Distressed

In case you are looking for an antique-style kitchen, you can choose distressed cabinets and drawers. These cabinets come in any door style where the corners are rubbed off and other techniques are used to create an old feel to the cabinets. Since the craftsmen need extra talent to perform a distressing technique, they charge extra. You might expect a 15-20% increase in price for getting this technique done.

  1. Custom

This is one of the most common but demanded styles of wall cabinet for the kitchen. This works well for everyone. You can easily get in touch with your local designer or craftsperson who can create your personalized kitchen cabinet design.

  1. Thermofoil

These kitchen cabinets are done using MDF. This is then wrapped in a kind of plastic coating and then baked under intense heat. This is an effective and cost-friendly kitchen cabinetry that comes majorly in solid colors. This kitchen cabinetry is inexpensive. You can easily take care of this kind of cabinetry. This cabinetry requires less maintenance, is moisture resistant, and has poor heat resistance. So, don’t install them near a heat source. In case you have to, laminate it using a veneer cover.

To conclude

You must always remember that when it comes to designing kitchen cabinets, there is no winner but wood. Wooden cabinets will always have a unique place in the world of the interior design of a kitchen. Wooden cabinets can match every style of kitchen and are durable. Wooden cabinets also add a great deal of character and offer a natural appeal to your kitchen. Wooden furniture is extremely durable and can easily mix up with every color scheme. You can even paint it in any color to keep up with the running trends. In case you are looking for a wooden wall cabinet for the kitchen, you can check out these eight different kinds of kitchen cabinetry. Each one is unique in its design and characteristics. You can pick up the one that fulfills your requirement and falls within your budget.

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