Exploring Tsushima’s Secrets: Hidden Shrines and Fox Dens

Ghost of Tsushima
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The setting for Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful yet vast island. And one that, when the player explores further, opens up new routes and options.

It’s a thriving, cultural playground chock-full of mysteries, with a plethora of systems geared around providing choice above all else.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best samurai advice available. Becoming the Ghost of Tsushima is a foregone conclusion with this important guide. After all, every epic adventure starts with a single step, and you must first master the task at hand as well as the fundamentals of play.


Get to Know the Game: Ghost of Tsushima

Jin’s adventure takes several shapes during Ghosts of Tsushima. So, at first, the gameplay assumes a rudimentary design to depict protagonist Jin’s departure from samurai traditions and a rigorous code of honor in favor of the stealthier assassin-like attributes of a thief. Through his kind’s eyes, a custom that is considered cowardly.

As a result, you’ll have to do without stealth for the time being, at least until a certain storyline point is reached. Ranged firearms are thus prohibited until then. Fortunately, there’s plenty of gear and talents to collect throughout your journey. As a result, make a point of devoting time to research.

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Embark on a slew of side missions

What better time to talk about side quests than while we’re talking about exploration? Unlike most open-world games, Ghost of Tsushima has no objectives outside of the main story, which are just featured to make up the numbers or to give a false sense of freedom.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are a must-have for any discerning samurai. These tasks provide new armor and clothing, as well as a variety of weaponry, right away. All of this can offer you an advantage over your opponent on the battlefield.

As a result, your playstyle possibilities become more diverse. Taking up the longbow early in the combat, for example, allows Jin to eliminate adversaries stealthily from a larger distance. Not only that, but these brief forays off the beaten path enhance the plot by providing context for the surrounding world and a glimpse into the lives of Tsushima’s residents

Be on the Lookout for Mythic Tales in

Pursuing the Mythic Tales quests is one of the most enjoyable activities in Ghost of Tsushima. These special missions delve into local stories, providing insight into Tsushima’s legends. Upon successful completion of each adventure, you may gain a potent new ability or, better yet, a more formidable arsenal.

Overall, a trip off the usual path is certainly worth it.

Explore Tsushima Island’s Mysteries

Tsushima island is packed with things to see and see for those with a severe appetite for adventure. Until explored, these often appear on your map as a question mark.

These paradises not only allow you to explore at your leisure, but they also provide a fruitful reward. All around the island, you’ll find fox dens, bamboo strikes, shrines, and hot springs. Each one has something unique to offer Jin.

On the one hand, temples confer fresh charms upon Jin. Charms function by enhancing or buffing Jin’s talents in simple words. On the other hand, sites like hot springs provide more immediate therapeutic benefits, such as increased health. Aside from that, destroying enemy encampments will eventually reward you with unique skill points.

On that basis, each of these paths must be mastered. Rushing through the game is the last thing you want to do. Only to find yourself in a combat situation where your abilities are in no way comparable to those of your opponents.

The major message is to go out and explore. To be sure, there will be further exploration and exploration. That is my guiding principle.

Tsushima’s Ghost: Never Underestimate the Influence of Fashion

On the surface, this revelation may appear weird but bear with me for a while. Each gear is custom-made for buffs and comes with its own set of bonuses. Those that have an instant and beneficial impact on play.

The Samurai Clan Armor, for example, is well-suited to warfare. As a result, the amount of damage taken is greatly reduced. Meanwhile, Jin’s Traveller’s Attire makes it easier for him to locate hidden collectibles and points of interest.

Your combat stance, like your dress code, should be adaptable. Make careful to modify your clothes according to the situation. In Ghost of Tsushima, it’s astonishing how much of a boost being stylish provides. With that in mind, it’s best to embrace the Dress to Impress approach.

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Learn how to defend and attack in combat

Last, but certainly not least, the system on this list is possibly the most fulfilling for me. To some, charging at the enemy head-on in a fight situation is the logical thing to do. Then, like a hot knife into butter, you slice through them with your blade.

Although it’s a wonderful game of brutality, you leave yourself vulnerable—especially when the odds are stacked against you. It is necessary to study the many sword attacks of various strengths. The heavy-loaded thrust slows down your opponent, whereas the basic slash relies on quickness to deliver multiple hits.

Mastering the more defensive features, such as the parry and dodge technique, is arguably even more vital than being the aggressor. I can’t emphasize enough how important both of these defensive features are, and how enjoyable it is to use them in combat.

Verdict on the Tsushima Ghost

Now that you have the essential abilities and knowledge to become the ideal samurai, it’s time to put them to the test. The essential principle is that the earlier you practice these abilities, the less of a steep learning curve you will face later.

Mastery will come if you put in the time and exhibit patience.

We’d want to learn about your top tips for being the best-skilled samurai Tsushima has to offer. So please leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Honorable samurai, may the wind guide you securely on your journey. Good luck gaming friends until next time.

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