Embed Instagram Stories On A Website

Embed Instagram Stories On A Website

Instagram Stories has launched its stories feature in 2016. It allows users to click pictures, take videos, make boomerangs, and more. This feature has made Instagram more interesting.

Are you looking for something to improve your website? How can you forget Instagram stories then? Instagram is a super cool social media platform that can help you make your website interactive. This blog will guide you to embed Instagram stories on your website. Keep reading to get a quick step-by-step guide for this.


Steps To Embed Instagram Stories On Any Website

1. Start With A Social Media Aggregator

You need to begin the process by registering yourself with a social media aggregator. You need to carefully choose the tool you will go with because the look of your widget depends very much on what features you have added to it.

Taggbox, Flockler, Juicer, Elfsight, and more tools are available. You can choose one of these. Once you finalize it, log in, or create an account with this social media aggregator.

2. Create Your Instagram Stories Widget

Get done with the login process, and then start creating your Instagram widget with the social media aggregator. Choose Instagram as your source to add Instagram stories to the feed. While creating the feed, you will get multiple options on the dashboard. Like, stories, hashtags, tagged posts, handles, and mentions. Select the stories option and choose to create the feed.

The social media aggregators give you an option to curate the feed you have created. With this feature, you can keep the relevant Instagram stories and remove unnecessary ones. The curation feature is to filter your Instagram widget.

You can curate the widget and customize it too. The customization feature helps add themes to your Instagram widget, change the layout, background, and more. You can make your Widget attractive by experimenting with different themes. This feature also allows you to set the size of your Instagram widget by adjusting its height and width.

3. Connect Your Instagram Account

Once you choose to make your Instagram feed full of stories, you need to enter credentials for your Instagram account. The social media aggregators ask you to connect your Instagram account to complete their authentication process.

As you link your account, your stories will appear in the widget. All the Instagram stories get aggregated on the dashboard in your feed.

4. Generate The Embed Code

After completing the aggregation, curation, and customization of your Instagram widget, you need to publish it. It is the fourth step to embedding Instagram stories on a website. As you Publish the Feed, the aggregator gives you the website options. Like WordPress, HTML, Shopify, and more. You need to select one of these options to process further.

After selecting a website, generate the code for your Instagram stories widget. You will get the code with this. You are just a step away now to complete the process. Keep going!

5. Embed Instagram Storie On The Website

It is the final step to adding Instagram stories to your website. You need to connect your website where you wish to embed the Instagram stories and navigate a location on it for the same.

You can add the widget on the home page of the website, the footer or header section, in the sidebars, or in any other location as you wish.

Remember, you have generated a code on the dashboard of the social media aggregator. Go back there and copy that code. Now, come back to your webpage and paste it into the backlink of a location you have finalized. Publish your changes. Woah! You did it!

Tools To Add Instagram Stories On Website

1. Taggbox

It is a well-known social media aggregator. It helps you with aggregation, curation, and customization of your Instagram stories widget. It also allows you to embed it on your website.

It offers you a free trial of the tool. The features of this UGC platform include real-time updates of the content, performance analytics, compatibility with multiple websites, customization, moderation, and more.

2. Flockler

It is another social media aggregator that allows you to aggregate user-generated content. Flockler also gives you a free trial and various other features.

It allows you to experiment with the widget by providing multiple design options. It has a hassle-free process. You can moderate the Instagram stories widget with this tool.

Just like Taggbox and Flockler, there are other tools available too. Every social media aggregator tool comes with its pros and cons. So, you need to analyze and choose the suitable one.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Hey! You have come so far. Now, you know the process to embed Instagram stories on a website. You know some of the tools too.

It is your task to implement the process now and get super exciting benefits. Embed Instagram stories to your website with this quick guide and boost engagement on your website. Make your website look vibrant and fresh by giving it the touch of social media.

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