Devkund Trek : A One Day Trek



Maharashtra is famous for its ancient forts as well as its white waterfalls, and stunning views of the summit from Sahyadris. Maharashtra is a harmonious mixture of plateaus, ghats, mountain passes, and rivers. In the west are green and evergreen Western Ghats and the Sahyadri ranges. It is located close to major cities such as Pune or Mumbai, Devkund Waterfall trek is a perfect weekend getaway for urban people.

How To Get There: Devkund Trek

Devkund Waterfalls are situated within Bhira Village, Raigad District. The closest railway station is at Khopoli (Central Line).

Take a train or bus to Pune towards Khopoli and then catch the bus towards the Base Bhira village. Bhira via Pali

  • If you’re coming from Mumbai to Bhira, you can take trains to Khopoli from the CSMT Central Line. Take a bus or train from Pali to Bhira through Pali or use an auto shared to Pali towards Bhira.
  • By the way, Devkund is 170 km from Mumbai and 110 kilometers from Pune. It is recommended that you take your vehicle to Devkund.

The Trek

The trail is 5-6 kilometers one way from the village at the base to the waterfalls. The hike takes between 2 and 4 hours, as the trail is simple to walk. Along the way, you can see the Mulshi Dam, which is a hydroelectric power plant constructed by the TATA company. The trail is dotted with rough paths, forest patches, Tamini Ghat, open fields, and cool rivers. It is possible to experience the stunning beauty of this waterfall in the monsoon season. The waterfall is a single one that flows through the year and is located between 200 feet above the surface. The water flowing beneath the waterfalls is clean and cool, making it the perfect place to soak your feet after a long day of hiking. Be sure to start your journey early in the morning, so you can reach the waterfall at least 2 pm before you begin returning to the camps nearby.

There are numerous camping areas close to Devkund Waterfall so it is recommended to extend your stay in case you’re still looking to go back. The waterfalls stop flowing after 2 pm It is advised to employ an experienced local guide who is familiar with the area inside out and can guide you on the right path so that you don’t get lost.

After you have climbed to the camping area nearby The tents are placed right next to the Kundalika river. Local food establishments provide an excellent hot lunch and chai at the end of your trek. You may opt for a swim at the nearby lake or take part in water sports like kayaking, boating, and coracle.

If it breaks it up, it translates into Dev (God’s) Kund (Pond). The aqua blue hue in the below pond as well as the white water that flows down make an enchanting environment to spend time in. The waterfalls are hidden in the rocky mountains that give visitors the feeling of discovering the perfect spot or precious treasure inside Sahyadris. Make sure you have an extra pair of clothes in case you’re going to take a dip in this beautiful lake.

Another waterfall is located within the area known as Monsoon Tiger Waterfall. Nearby is Kolad, the river rafting location. The monsoons that hit Maharashtra provide the most stunning views, breathtaking waterfalls, and lush green landscapes with clouds that erupt. Although the trails can be messy, it’s fine to get dirty at least once every now and then!

The authentic Maharashtrian dishes to try: Devkund Trek

Poha, Upma, Misal Pav, and Chai is the typical breakfast menu of Maharashtrians. Maharashtra is also known for its rice, seafood, and sweet dish called Shahira.

Places to Visit Nearby Devkund, Raigad District

Lonavala is a well-known hill station located in Maharashtra well-known for its cool weather, lakes, and chillis. It’s about 80km away from Bhira village.

Lavasa is a new private city located near Pune. The city was inspired by Portofino, the Italian port city Portofino and is situated along the Mutha river. The city is known for its huge lakes and breathtaking scenery. It is located 114kms away from Bhira village and 57 kilometers from Pune.

Raigad Fort – The Raigad Fort is of historical significance since Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj occupied it.

His last breath his last breath here. The fort is situated on top of a mountain that is accessible via more than 1700 steps built by the engineers of the past. There is also a possibility of a ropeway for those who are not physically fit to climb the steps.

Did you know? Devkund Trek

It is situated at an altitude of 820 meters at an altitude of 820 m, the Raigad fort was inaccessible and Europeans were able to call it Gibraltar of the East.

A majority of forts located in Maharashtra have located within the Western Ghats and every single one has significance to the locals’ minds. Be respectful of the forts, temples, and the past of the area by adhering to the laws.

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