Artificial Intelligence – A Promising technological innovation

Artificial Intelligence - A Promising technological innovation

Whenever we hear the word ” Artificial Intelligence”, a number of thoughts start running in our minds. Some people start interpreting that it will take up the jobs of humans and increase unemployment in the market which is already affected by the Pandemic in the last two years. Also, there is a large section of people who predict that it is a future technology that is going to shape our lives in the next two decades in a positive manner. The thing is that we all have tumultuous thoughts regarding it. So here we are going to make you understand in the next few minutes what exactly Artificial Intelligence is and how it can be a promising technological innovation.


What is Artificial Intelligence

If you want to understand in simple words, Artificial Intelligence is only the action of programmed machines accomplishing labor or tasks that have historically required the intelligence of humans. It is a concept based on the idea of building machines capable of acting, thinking, and learning like us. It incorporates various technologies like pattern recognition, machine learning, big data, self algorithms, neural networks, etc.

We can make you understand with the help of a simple example. There is a vast number of codes and algorithms surrounding humans to comprehend their commands and perform a human-like function. A pop-up page telling about your favorite pair of shoes, that comes on your mobile or computer screen is a work of Artificial Intelligence. 

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Why It is a Promising Technological Innovation

Here we make you understand why most brilliant minds consider AI a promising technological innovation. It can be used in every aspect of life whether it is in medical science, agriculture, Defense Sector, Data Analyzing, Tackling Crime, In making government policies, etc. We will brief you in the next few points on how AI can be useful in these aspects.

  • Analyzing the Data – By analyzing and synchronizing data, we can improve the efficiency of the systems like power management in mobile devices, cars, weather predictions, video and image analysis, etc.
  • We can make use of AI in healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure, smart mobility, and transportation. 
  • Also During Corona times, doctors make use of AI. They make proper data of patients, no of deaths, the pattern of the infection, etc. By conglomerating all these data, they predict what they need in the future if further waves come. It will also help hospitals about how many beds and vaccines will be adequate in the upcoming time. All these things can be done very easily with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

What makes it A Peculiar

If you are comprehending AI and Robotic Automation the same, you are interpreting both the technologies wrong. Instead of automating manual tasks, Artificial Intelligence carries out recurring high volume computerized tasks reliably. It is often misunderstood with Machine Learning. We want to make it clear that Machine Learning comes under Artificial Intelligence. It is a wide concept with a bunch of technologies. In AI we can incorporate machine learning and other technologies like natural language processing, inference algorithms, neutron networks, etc.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The Dartmouth Conference, organized by American computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956, was the first time the phrase “Artificial Intelligence” was used. From then on, the world learned about machines’ abilities to analyze social problems utilizing knowledge data and competition. Previously, there were multiple specific initiatives on the subject, and the research was funded by the government. Questions of ethics occur in every part of the research, but especially when it comes to empowering machines to function and act like humans. There was a period between the 1970s and the late 1980s when governments ceased sponsoring AI research. In the twenty-first century, AI had a rebirth as a result of breakthroughs in computer power, massive volumes of data, and theoretical knowledge.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

We all know that just like each coin has two sides, the same goes with AI. In the modern world where it has many advantages in various aspects, it also has some cons which are perils for humans. In this section, you will be able to check what can prove disastrous to us when we will adopt AI completely. 

Promoting injustices and Inequalities – We should keep in our mind the fact that AI algorithms systems are created by humans. There is no doubt that humans have biased views in various situations.  So we can say that AI will also act in a biased manner because of the algorithms set in it and create inequalities in society.

Privacy Issue – It is the most prevailing issue with increasing technology. You are well aware that AI requires huge data of users. AI works on analyzing the data. So it is basically an encroachment on our privacy by taking our personal data without our prior permission. It can also be considered a cybercrime.  

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