Are you interested in an IT Field Services Technician Job?

Are you interested in an IT Field Services Technician Job?


The Field Maintenance Technician’s role is to work closely on practical real-life issues. Technical service and maintenance support are provided at the customer’s location in response to customer inquiries. Field Service Technicians are trained to solve problems and perform tasks, including field operation, troubleshooting, repair, and on-site training. Due to their size or interconnectivity, they often have to deal with products that cannot be transported with other systems. As well as providing technical training, the field service staff installs, maintains, and repairs equipment on site.

$ 48,373 is the average salary (annually)


Technical Support Responsibilities of a Field Service Technician

  • Interaction skills to work closely with customers and subcontractors, as well as Sales, Server Engineering, Project Management, and customer care teams

Summary of qualifications for a field service technician:

  • It is important to be able to travel to a variety of locations and work in a changing environment.
  • Computer, network, or information technology knowledge.
  • Customer service skills and the ability to diagnose and resolve issues based on non-technical descriptions.
  • This course introduces computers and operating systems.
  • Degree or qualification in a technical field.

The 3 best online courses for a field service technician are:

Service Strategies offers a modular, self-contained Field Service Engineer online course. The course includes facilitation tools to help field service managers reinforce the skills learned in the classroom. By applying curriculum concepts to real-life situations, students receive reinforcements from their supervisors or managers.

Online field service technician courses from Lone Star College cover hydraulics, pneumatics, DC / AC circuits, and petroleum instrumentation. After completing the certificate course, students will be prepared to enter the industry as technicians in electromechanical, petroleum, and manufacturing technology.

Field Service Professional eLearning: The Field Service Professional eLearning course was designed specifically for technical field engineers and provides a self-contained, modular, and interactive approach with field tools for field engineers and skills-building tools for field leaders.

Top Institutes Offering the Field Service Technician Program:

  • ILR School – Master of Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR)
  • Automotive Service Technician (Apprenticeship): Algonquin College

The top recruiters for this field service technician position are:


The company specializes in healthcare, infrastructure, and industry. The company creates technology with purpose, adding real value to customers, from more resource-efficient factories to sustainable supply chains to smarter buildings to advanced healthcare.

Apex Systems:

Apex Systems specializes in IT staffing and talent management. The company specializes in life sciences in addition to infrastructure, application development, project management, and security engineering. Apex Systems also offers digital business solutions, in-house procurement, and other services.

Field Engineer Global:

Engineers and businesses can find freelancing opportunities at FE Global. This platform has 60,000 engineers under networking, IT, telecom, and other categories, making it one of the top on-demand platforms worldwide. Engineering side-hustles and staffing services are available from Field Engineer.

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Are you interested in changing careers to IT?

What types of people should consider an IT career change? For those who want more job security and make more money throughout their careers, the answer is easy. Education and training require a lot of time and dedication. That can’t be avoided. There’s no requirement that you enroll in a four-year computer program. This isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be. It is possible to be as productive as software developers and other computer functions without taking a compiler class.

CompTIA A + certification is the easiest way to get started. With this certification, many people begin their careers. For CompTIA A+ candidates, typical entry-level jobs include desktop support or end-user techniques. Helping those who are unable to print will be your job. You can expect a salary ranging between $40,000 and $45,000. The most important factor is experience. The salary of an individual with a few years of experience can be quickly doubled or tripled if he or she works towards additional certifications.

The exchange of skills is the currency in IT. It is rare to find a topic studied 10 years ago that is still relevant today. Education becomes less important the further away a person is from their education. Instead, concentrate on developing your skills. Technologies are equalizers.

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Comp TIA A+ is among the top 15 entry-level IT certifications for launching a career in field services

CompTIA A+ certifications are intended for support specialists, field service technicians, desktop support analysts, and help desk staff. This is a solid entry-level certification with a good industry reputation if you are looking for work in a related field.

This certification verifies your ability to troubleshoot and solve problems with networking, operating systems, mobile devices, and security, and it consists of two exams. One that covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization, and cloud computing, as well as network troubleshooting. There is a second exam that covers how to install and configure operating systems, expand security, and troubleshoot software and operational procedures.

Exam fee: $232 per exam

The role of a field engineer

Field Service Professionals have the perfect solution with the field engineer. By connecting with global employers, we can find qualified jobs for candidates. Over 60,000 engineers from 195 countries have already registered on is the right place for IT, telecom, and networking professionals looking for career opportunities in the on-demand freelance market. Become a member today to discover the best job for you.

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