Apple’s AR Glasses Will Arrive Much Sooner in 2022

AR Glasses

We have been waiting for the advent of Apple’s first AR glasses, a product that may alternate augmented reality with virtual reality to deliver a gadget with which they hope to disrupt the world once again. And it seems that this intriguing technology will come on the market much sooner than we thought.

Although it is true that we have been receiving all types of information on the apple VR glasses everything indicated that the presentation date would be throughout 2023 or perhaps 2024. Well, if you are a fan of the corporation with the bitten apple, we bring you wonderful news.

And it is that, as they have reported from Digitimes, the launch of Apple’s AR glasses would be for this year. Its source, a Taiwanese supply chain, claims that Apple has already finished carrying out the relevant validation tests before its formal introduction, which will take place within the year 2022.

When will we see Apple’s VR glasses?

From the looks of it, now all that needs is to pass the Design Validation Test (DVT) phase which, if passed successfully, may indicate an Apple Glass launch in 2022. It should be noted that Mark Gurman, a renowned Bloomberg analyst specializing in Apple-related matters, said that the launch would be in 2023, so the information must be taken with a grain of salt.

Although it should also be highlighted that the corporation with the bitten apple could have managed to shorten the period so that its product reached the market sooner. At the beginning of next March, the corporation is scheduled to present its next generation of Mac and MacBook computers, although it is most likely too soon.
Instead, September could indeed be the date chosen by the corporation. On that date they will reveal the next generation of phones, the rumored iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14, Pro Max. And it could be the ideal opportunity to surprise us with a “one more thing” where they display the design of their AR glasses. Furthermore, it would entirely line with Mark Gurman’s forecast that Apple Glass would land in 2023.
With respect to the prospective pricing of Apple Glass, suggest that it will not be an economic product precisely. With OLED displays and the capacity to give 8K resolution, as well as the crown jewel of Apple’s processing division, we should expect this gadget to hit the market for roughly $3,000.

And its operation? At the moment we don’t know much, but it is apparent that if they utilize such a powerful processor it is because the technical possibilities of this virtual reality and augmented reality glasses are larger than predicted. More, given that they will be entirely independent as they do not need to connect to a computer.

It is known that they will have WiFI 6E connectivity to offer the best connection speed, in addition to a 120 Hz refresh rate. Now to wait for the presentation date of the Apple Glass to be finalized to see what the firm surprises us with headquarters in Cupertino.

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