Android 13 rumors and leaks 2022


Despite the fact that the initial developer previews of Android 13 won’t be available until March, leaks about the OS are already circulating. We’ll undoubtedly discover a lot more about Google’s new operating system as time passes, but for now, let’s take a look at the most recent Android 13 leaks and rumors.


The most recent Android 13 rumors

“Material You,” a full redesign and dynamic theming system that dynamically altered the UI colors based on your wallpaper, was the highlight of Andriod 12.

Under Material You UI, the new operating system appears to be expanding color selections and refining the color scheme. Ryne Hager of Android Police has revealed several screenshots from the next operating system, including some color palettes. We may see three new color systems in addition to the usual Andriod 12 color systems: “Vibrant,” “Expressive,” and “Spritz.”
One disadvantage of Android 12’s color scheme is that most wallpapers have a pastel accent, making more vibrant accent hues difficult to obtain.

Language is now controlled at the system level, with some programs having their own language options. On the new operating system, Google, for example, will let users choose their preferred language settings for each program.
Even while third-party apps like Google Lens provide it,

Android users have never had a suitable way to access a QR Code scanner. When a QRCode scanner quick-setting button and the ability to show a QR Code shortcut on the lock screen are included in Android 13, this problem will be rectified.

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