Actionable tips for surviving in Minecraft

Actionable tips for surviving in Minecraft

Surviving “Minecraft” is often a challenging task, especially for rookies in this land of blocks. And you have to find your strategy for surviving by trying what works and what doesn’t. Your world can have very high mountains or vast desert biomes. There may even be a shortage of animals or resources in your world. The tips we give you are not a 100% guarantee, but they certainly simplify your Minecraft survival experience!


Peaceful Difficulty

Can’t beat the zombie hordes? Too slow to deal with spiders? Are you afraid that creepers and wanderers of the End will not leave a stone unturned from your house? Little health and no food at all? Press Esc, set the difficulty to Peaceful, and here it is – the solution to all your problems! Health and satiety will begin to recover very quickly, and your hunger level will no longer drop, hostile mobs will disappear, and new ones will not appear! This technique helps a lot at the very beginning of the game and when building large structures. In addition, the reception does not work in hardcore mode and in a network game. If you want to play fair and go through the game with maximum difficulty, play hardcore or lock the difficulty in the world settings on a difficulty other than peaceful.

Ax instead of a Sword

Actually since 1.9. It’s much more convenient to slaughter your pets with an ax critical hit rather than a sword. So you can use just a stone ax and kill pigs, sheep, and cows with one blow, and also, you will only damage one animal without hitting your neighbors. Also, the ax can also be enchanted with the help of enchanted books for “Sharpness”!

Tree Felling

If you want to chop down the entire tree but can’t reach the top, try leaving the bottommost block intact (like a stump), climb it, chop down the tree, and then mine the block below you. If you still cannot reach the top block of wood, then place some easily destructible block under you (for example, earth, wool) to be even higher. Just put it on the trunk ladder, climb to the top, cut a path through the foliage, and cut down the tree from the top. For giant trees with a trunk two blocks thick, you can either try to climb to the top of the tree along with the vines (if it is a tropical tree) or cut down a kind of spiral staircase inside this tree, climb up it and get the whole tree already. When building a tree farm, give preference to tropical or coniferous giants: they provide the most wood. Dark oaks are next, then birches and acacias. 

Block Depleted Sections of the Mine

It is very easy to get lost in underground mines and wander for a long time in those places where you have already mined everything for a long time. To avoid this, fence off completed sections of mines or already explored parts of caves. Ideally, it is best to enclose them with something transparent (glass, a fence, an iron grate), so you can see the enemy if he appears there (a sign that either you did not light the mine well enough or overlooked a passage to another cave somewhere). It is also recommended to fence the passages with blocks that do not occur underground. Let’s say you come across a cobblestone wall in a cave. How will you understand what it is: your partition or the wall of the treasury?). Therefore, it is recommended to install glass instead of cobblestone.

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