5 Modern Rifle Cartridge To Enhance Your Shooting Skills

5 Modern Rifle Cartridge To Enhance Your Shooting Skills

The human tendency is to overlook anything which is newly introduced. The same goes with new rifle cartridges. Every time firearm supply manufacturers come up with new rifle cartridges, hunters and professional shooters claim that we don’t need it and for sure it would be unsuccessful. They make statements like, “It is a solution to the issue that doesn’t exist” or “We will stick to 270 ammo”.

Declining a new invention or fear of anything new is termed neophobia. But, the good thing is, it vanishes with time. As per studies, those who refuse to adopt innovations turn out to be the most passionate admirers.

Nowadays, hunters want customized rifles and cartridges to shoot different big games. Therefore, the manufacturers are introducing new cartridges as they offer solutions for different shooting issues. Firearm engineers are now focusing on developing cartridges for specific shooting needs instead of general purposes, this is what big game hunters are looking for. Having this in mind, we have compiled a list of new rifle cartridges that address specific shooting issues and are suitable for hunting.

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.224 Valkyrie

Introduced in 2018, .224 Valkyrie is intended for long-range predator hunting. Similar to previously introduced cartridges, it is also designed by Federal for the AR-15. The purpose behind developing this cartridge is to give a better alternative to the .224 Nosler launched in 2017. Grounded on a 6.8 SPC case, .224 Valkyrie has a .422-inch diameter like .224 Nosler, but its case size is reduced to enable the use of longer bullets.

As per AR-15 standards, it offers flat shooting and is an outstanding solution for hunting predators at a distance. If combined with the right load, it is fully capable of taking down deer and similar games. However, it is still an underperformer if compared to 6mm ARC, but it is undoubtedly an excellent rifle cartridge for long-range mid-size game hunting.

.350 Legend

However, critics have been saying that .350 Legend will be taken seriously only by those who are hunting with straight-wall rifle cartridges. But now, they are amazed by its immense popularity across the USA. Similar to other cartridges intended to resolve specific ballistic issues, .350 Legend is answering numerous ballistics questions and is suitable for hunting regulations.

This AR-15 compatible straight-wall cartridge is developed by Winchester and it follows all the deer-hunting guidelines proposed by numerous states of the USA. As .350 Legend can be coupled with an air rifle or bolt-action carbine, it can easily shoot a deer or similar size game from 300 yards. As this cartridge offers nominal recoil, it is gaining popularity among young and novice hunters. Due to the extreme popularity of .350 Legends, a large number of loads for this cartridge have been launched this year by many firearm supply manufacturers.

6 mm Advance Rifle Cartridge

Introduced in 2020 for improved ballistics in the AR-15, 6 mm ARC is technically not new to the hunters as it is an enhanced version of 6 mm PPC cartridge that has gained extensive popularity in the Benchrest competition, but American firearm supply manufacturers haven’t adopted it.

As long-range shooting is being highly popular among hunters and professional shooters, air rifles are widely adopted and the 6 mm cartridge is developed to provide a rapid-shooting cartridge compatible with air rifle -15. When it comes to shooting games that are exceeding the 500-yard range, there is no better option than 6 mm ARC for AR-15. As it was introduced in 2020, hunters and shooters are calling it ‘Corona Cartridge’.

.300 HAMR

Launched in 2020 by Wilson Combat, .300 HAMR is designed for enhanced  AR-15 versatility. Unlike the modern concept of the specialized cartridge, .300 HAMR is developed to transform the air rifle into a genuine rifle for general-shooting purposes. Therefore, it is a cartridge that is suitable for big game hunting, tactical application along with self-defense.

Without a question, it has made AR-15 a versatile firearm that can be used for multiple purposes.

6.8 Western

Winchester has collaborated with Browning to overhaul the.270 WSM by producing the 6.8 Western and they claimed that it will improve its long-range performance. The 6.8 Western is just a.270 WSM case that has been slightly increased. Because the case is shorter, longer, heavier, and more aerodynamic rounds may be used. These bullets outperform the.270 WSM because of their increased weight and stronger ballistic coefficients, despite the fact that the 6.8 casing stores less gunpowder. The 6.8 Western is a fantastic big-game cross-canyon cartridge.

Bottom Line

All these modern cartridges are intended to answer hunting and professional shooting queries and they include better engineering for enhanced performance. It is recommended to take suggestions from your firearm supplies dealer to determine which cartridge from these would be suitable for your hunting rifle.

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