10 Hottest bedroom trends for 2022

10 Hottest bedroom trends for 2022

A personal space like a bedroom displays a glimpse of the personality of the person living there. The way it is decorated, the things that exist in the space serve a purpose along with its pleasing designs and aesthetics. The way a bedroom is decorated has drastically changed over the years. It is no longer the basic bed and a side table, the liberty of decorating your own space in the way you like is a luxury in itself. Here are some of the trendy styles that light up your space and give it a trendy vibe.

House Plants

It has come to the limelight that people living alone or in hostels are developing a knack for houseplants. The lack of space for growing a garden is diverting people towards indoor plants. The plants come in the most dynamic pots ever. You can either hang them by your windows or keep them near your windows, side table, etc. These houseplants are light, compact in size, and eventually occupy less space. Hence a bundle of people is buying houseplants to keep it green in their rooms.  The houseplants are extremely easy and hassle-free to maintain and take care of.

LED lights

The era of overhead tube lights is long gone. The new generation is obsessed with colorful stuff be it lights, clothes, hair, or walls. The trend of outlining the ceilings with a strip of LED lights is growing more than ever. These lights come in all colors and features. Hence more youngsters are going for LED lights as they create a laid-back vibe.

Wall Tapestry

Wall tapestries have been around for centuries now. The initial use of wall tapestries was like an insulator. The ancient tapestries were made out of thick fabric and intricate designs. Unlike the wall tapestries made today, the fabric is soft, light, and thin. They are more likely to be used as a show or to fill the empty space on the wall. Although, you can choose to custom design your wall tapestry or get it with a variety of designs in it. The most common and conventional wall tapestry design is a mandala. Then it enhances text, floral, flags, symbols, or abstract art on the tapestry.

Incense Candles

Have a blooming fragrance all over your bedroom with incense candles. The candles are getting popular among millennials. Room fresheners have taken a backseat in the matter of making your room smell nice. The incense candles come in almost all types of fragrances and sizes. Adding to that, they also make a good vibe setter in the room after dusk. The subtle candlelight in the room gives it a low-key vibe and spreads fragrance if you plan to keep the lights off.

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Fairy lights

Fairy lights can never fail to turn your room into a jam session ambiance. The warm aura of the lights automatically gives your room soft tones and a brighter mood. Often these fairy lights are hung along the wall tapestry to highlight the wall or near the windows to highlight the window frame.

Room Dividers

Renting a studio apartment has been a growing trend. The compact space involves everything a person needs in a house be it a kitchen, bedroom, living area all in one space. Hence it creates a merging of all spaces lacking individual spaces. Room dividers have been in fashion for a long time and are back with funky studio designs and colors. They create a soft boundary and divide your bedroom space from the living area giving a sense of privacy to your room.

Open closet Concept

The closet space takes up a share of the dorm room which is already crammed. The open closet concept takes up a small area and is convenient to hand your jackets and outdoor clothes on a hanger. In the morning rush, it is easier to find your clothes hung up in the open rather than searching through the folded laundry.

Full-Length Mirrors

Full-length mirrors are trending and you can find them in any millennial’s room. These mirrors can be placed in almost any corner of your room. If you place it near the window, not only does it allow you better light and a full view of your outfit but also reflects light to your whole room which makes it look big and airy.

Polaroid Wall

The habit of sticking your memories on the wall is back. Polaroid cameras produce a hard copy of the photos clicked which later can be stuck to your bedroom wall or fridge. The polaroids are small and compact which take up menial space on your wall or your study desk where you can look anytime and relive the moment.

Open  Shelf

In order to make your room look less crowded and airy, there needs to be less furniture taking up space. Open shelf on the wall creates perfect spaces to keep your books, keys, and other stuff in full view.

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